Pertemuan dengan penduduk-penduduk Kg Buah Pala

Soalan Bertulis YB. DATO’ HAJI ROSLAN BIN SAIDIN (Pinang Tunggal): Kenapakah pihak Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat sehingga hari ini enggan untuk bertemu penduduk Kampung Buah Pala malah masih mengenakan syarat untuk pertemuan ini dilaksanakan.

Jawapan: Kerajaan Negeri amat prihatin untuk menyelesaikan masalah-masalah yang dihadapi oleh rakyat. Adalah tidak benar untuk mendakwa bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat enggan bertemu penduduk-penduduk Kampung Buah Pala. Pertemuan sedemikian secara rasmi telah diadakan sebanyak lima kali, iaitu pada 16 Julai 2009, 22 Julai 2009, 24 Julai 2009, 1 Ogos 2009 dan 4 Ogos 2009.

Selepas beberapa kali rundingan dengan pihak pemaju, pihak pemaju telah menawarkan sebuah rumah teres bertingkat dua dengan keluasan tanah 1,200 kaki persegi dan keluasan kawasan binaan 1,400 kaki persegi untuk setiap rumah yang terlibat untuk dirobohkan.

Tawaran penyelesaian ini adalah yang terbaik sekali dalam sejarah Malaysia dan mana-mana negeri di Malaysia. Usaha khas telah kami bawakan untuk penduduk-penduduk memandangkan mereka telah menduduki Kampung Buah Pala lebih 100 tahun dengan kebenaran pemilik asal, Mary Brown. Tawaran ini membolehkan penduduk-penduduk memiliki rumah dua tingkat serta diberikan jaminan undang-undang dengan geran tanah sahih berbanding dengan Barisan Nasional yang menganggap mereka sebagai setinggan-setinggan haram yang harus diusir keluar begitu sahaja.

Perlu diingatkan bahawa isu Kampung Buah Pala adalah angkara Kerajaan Negeri Barisan Nasional lama yang merompak tanah mereka tanpa berunding dengan mereka. Mengapa perompak tanah Barisan Nasional tidak berusaha untuk memperbetulkan kesalahan mereka tetapi sekarang menjadi wira kepada penduduk-penduduk yang mereka rompak.

7 thoughts on “Pertemuan dengan penduduk-penduduk Kg Buah Pala”

  1. Mr Lim,
    I read about the news on house demolition today. I think you’ve done your best and the villagers should be happy with the offer. By rejecting the offer and asking for 3.5 M equivalent compensation is like a robber. They think their wooden old house worth that much? Totally rubbish talk. I hope to see these villagers out so we are done with non-sense and the state gov can focus on their job again to develop the states. However, I’d propose the state government to ask the developer to provide temporary housing for the villagers during the construction of the house when they will lose a place to live in.

  2. heloo done keep on talking old crap — what have done – u have shown ur true colour . Wait la WE INDIAN WONT VOTE DAP any more . fe

  3. Yeah right old crap! Im a voter in gelugor constituency and guess what another 6 members in my family are also registered voter in gelugor. Do you think we will still vote for DAP? NEVER! Dont make false promises… i just saw Ponggal youtube clip in kampung pala held on 18 Jan 2009… bukan main cakap that black pig RSN Ryer! Why must the villages accept the 1400′ double storey hut you are offering? When you wanted our vote you made all kind of promises.. stop the blaming game and solve the issue wisely… they just want their house which they have ocupied for 200 years is that wrong? Only because corruption and the state wana make money out of kampung pala land the poor pple in the village are loosing their houses. I wana clarify the things i’ve heard in this few days is it true the house that is rented by Lim Guan Eng which is paid by tax payers money owned by one of NUSMETRO VENTURES partner mistress?
    Secondly that area is known to have a number of wells with underground river system which is unsuitable to built apartments.. why is nusmetro still adamant in demolishing the houses there?. Lastly to Lim Guan Eng where is the integrity you were advocating so much?

  4. Leena – keep your words to yourself. I was an ex resident of the kampung. If you come over for a day, these folks had no hope. They didn’t vote for any party to get their woes resolved. I would think your thoughts are malicious. After all, you probably work in a multinational company and is comfortable with what you have. For me, the culprits were BN and also worse off – the committee members that misled me. I saw LGE and his team worked hard to help us. You were not even there. Come on lar. Show me your lot number before you speak. THank you and have a good day. I am ashamed that some Indians in the kampung have resorted to MIC and Hindraf – to ridicule Prof. Ramasamy the last time. Who you should scold is KTK. The villian of the entire village. I am indebted to LGE and the principles PR stood for. Now off to a safer place and awaiting my RM500K that is rightfully mine.

  5. I’m an Indian and I’m satisfied you have done all you can. If this was a Gerakan led gov. these people would been beaten off the land a long time ago using MIC gangs.
    If the resident for KG. Buah Pala are so naive or scared into depending on MIC, then there is nothing we can do. All we can do is help those brave enough to tell MIC to go and screw themselves and take the deal offered.

    Leena , Suren you can vote any party you want, nobody is stoping you. But I think you people are dreaming if you think Gerakan or MCA would ever be take Penang again. Just take a look at your leaders corruption and 2 face statement.

  6. Hey stupid Prasad do I say I going to vote gerekan or mca or stupid UMNO .. Do be like frogs underneath coconut shell don’t only think about PENENG. What DAP going to do just winning penang .. Think outside of box Hello macha wake up ……… I am talking behalf u also……….. U need to know ur rights

    “…selagi parti Pakatan Rakyat masih lagi memerintah di sini kita akan pastikan kampung ini dikekalkan untuk selama-lamanya dan perayaan ini akan menjadi perayaan tahunan” ————–Promise’s by BLACK PIG RSN RAYER

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