Penang listed as one of the 31 outsourcing hubs by KPMG

Penang’s record RM 10.2 billion in investments in 2008 and continued faith in the future potential is proven by its recent listing as one of the 31 outsourcing hubs of the future. The newly released KPMG professional service report listed as Penang as the only Malaysian city amongcst 31 other cities in the world that can challenge existing outsourcing hubs in India or China principally due to our superior human resources and talents.

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Intel Remains Committed To Penang

Intel is one of the many success stories in Penang where MNCs grew up in scale and standards. As one of the 7 samurai or seven pioneers MNC companies that first invested in Penang. We are proud of the tremendous success and remarkable technological contributions to the entire world. These are the companies which the Penang Government seeks to attract to Penang. The 8 effective characteristics of Companies that Penang looks lit for are based on 8S of:

1) Standards and Brandings of Products
2) Service to consumers
3) Scalability to ensure economies of scale
4) Segmentation for diverse range of products
5) Security to ensure safe usage
6) Schedule adherence
7) Sustainable to ensure resources used today are still available to be used tomorrow
8) Corporate Social Responsibility

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Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Can Prove His Reformist Credentials By Urgently Restructuring The National Gas Policy

Minister of International Trade and Industry Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin can prove his reformist credentials by urgently restructuring the national gas subsidy and supply policy that has cost Malaysians to pay RM 62.6 billion gas subsidies to the power sector since 1997 and losses of up to RM 14 billion in foreign investments. Tan Sri Muhyiddin had admitted that 8 companies from Japan, US and Europe in energy intensive industries such as steel and manufacture of glass are holding back up to RM 8 billion investments because of lack of secure supply of gas from Petronas.

However Tan Sri Muhyiddin did not include the RM 6 billion in foreign investment lost by Penang from solar-related investors from America and Germany due to the gas shortage. Despite Tan Sri Muhyiddin correctly tracing the lack of gas supply to Petronas committing all its gas production till 2014, nothing has been done to resolve this gas shortage.

There is an urgent need to redirect supply, especially from the independent power producers (IPPs), to manufacturing and domestic use. Despite Petronas having spent RM 11.5 billion to build the Peninsular Gas Utility System (PGU System) pipeline to supply gas throughout the country, it is a terrible waste of money to install the gas pipeline if there is no gas flowing through the PGU pipeline.

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DAP Reaffirms Support For PR To Establish An Alternative Government That Is Democratic, People-Centric And With An Ethical Leadership

DAP’s commitment towards a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia is not only an article of faith but a deep conviction in Bangsa Malaysia. DAP is inclusive of all races and religions. We represent the interests and fight for the rights every Malaysian.

In the effort of being representative of all Malaysians, including both Malays and non-Malays, the party is willing to undertake a transformational process that may be painful but necessary. We have no alternative but to grow without compromising our basic principles.

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Wakil Rakyat Pakatan Raykat(PR) Di Pulau Pinang Mengecam Tindakan Barisan Nasional (BN) Yang Membelakangkan Prinsip Demokrasi

Semua wakil rakyat PR menyeru Barisan Nasional (BN) harus memberikan tumpuan bagi menyelamat dan mewujudkan peluang pekerjaan serta merangsangkan pertumbuhan ekonomi Negara, bukannya hanya memfokuskan kepada ‘membeli’wakil rakyat Pakatan Rakyat(PR) untuk merampas kuasa secara political coup d’etat dan belukar raya.

1. Semua wakil rakyat PR di Pulau Pinang, mengecam tindakan tiga (3) wakil rakyat daripada Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) seorang wakil rakyat daripada Democratic Action Party(DAP) di Negeri Perak yang melompat masuk menyokong BN sehingga menyebabkan PR kehilangan majoritinya di Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak. Tindakan ini disifatkan sebagai suatu tindakan khianat kepada budaya demokrasi dan derhaka kepada mandat rakyat untuk PR dalam Pilihanraya Umum 2008.

2. Semua wakil rakyat PR di Pulau Pinang mengecam BN yang membelakangan prinsip demokrasi yang menolak suara rakyat serta menggunakan taktik politik yang kotor dan jijik untuk “membuatkan”empat wakil rakyat PR berpaling tadah.

3. Semua wakil rakyat PR Pulau Pinang mendesak semua pihak di Perak menghormati suara padu dan hasrat bulat rakyat di mana 54% rakyat Perak menolak BN dan memberikan mandat kepada PR merintah Perak dalam Pilihanraya Umum 2008 dengan membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak untuk mengembalikan kuasa kepada rakyat Perak menentukan nasib dan masa depan mereka.

4. Menuntut satu undang-undang anti-lompat parti digubal agar mandat rakyat dan budaya demokrasi dtegakkan dan dipelihara.

5. Mengecam dan mengutuk keras tindak-tanduk Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang membuka lembaran hitam pemerintahannya sebagai Perdana Menteri dengan manipulasi politik kotor demi mengalihkan perhatian umum ke atas kehilangan sokongan rakyat kepada BN dan beliau dalan Pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh dan Kuala Terengganu serta isu-isu kontroversi yang lain.

** Kecaman dan kutukan ini diperakui dan dipersetujui oleh semua ADUN PR Negeri Pulau Pinang termasuk YB Prof P Ramasamy dan YB Sim Tze Tzin yang berada di Kuala Lumpur serta YB Phee Boon Poh yang berada di New Zealand.