2013 Thaipusam Day Message(en/cn)

The Future Of Penang Shall Be Written With The Same Commitment Towards Justice, Truth Freedom And Righteousness.

Malaysia is unique in that Islam is the religion of the country but there is freedom of religion for other faiths. For the last 227 years, Penang symbolises the ability for diverse cultures and faiths to absorb and celebrate these differences in peace, mutual respect and harmony.

This is the principal reason George Town was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2008. For this reason the Penang state government is confident that outside threats to disrupt this mutual respect and destroy racial harmony with vile and abhorrent acts like burning Bibles will certainly fail.

The past of Penang is filled with reaffirmation that what is important is not our origins but the strength of our character. I believe that the future for Penang shall be written with the same commitment towards justice, truth, freedom, righteousness and universal moral values.

This year the Hindus and Indians in Penang has much to celebrate. Land has been provided for both schools and temples. Yearly grants given not only for primary schools but even for kindergartens. Further, not only has the largest Murugan Temple outside India being completed after more than 10 years, the Penang Hindu Endowment Board(HEB) that runs the Thaipusam Festivities is also celebrating their own home for the first time in history.

The granting of a new home for the Penang HEB by the Penang state government together with annual allocations of RM1.2 million(compared to RM50,000 annually previously) is a recognition of the important role it can play to improve the lives of the Hindus in Penang both culturally as well as educationally, religious as well as economic. The Penang HEB shall be the model of good governance and integrity not only for Indians in other states but also for other marginalised communities such as Orang Asli, Ibans and Kadazans in improving their lives and dignity.

Let us welcome the Thaipusam festivities in Penang for the first time with the new Murugan Waterfall Temple, the largest outside India, by absorbing and celebrating our differences as part of a multi-racial Malaysia.












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