How Much Has The Federal Government Allocated For Penang Under the 10th Malaysian Plan?

Penang hopes that Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop can urge the Federal government to reveal how much has been allocated for Penang under the 10th Malaysian Plan. So far no information has been forthcoming about the projects and funding for Penang even though the 10th Malaysian Plan was unveiled on 10 June 2010 in Parliament by the Prime Minister.

RM230 billion was set out for the 10MP with 60 % physical development and 40 % non-physical development based on 7 key thrusts identified namely
• Charting development for a high income nation
• 6 pct growth target
• Per capita income to increase to RM38,845 (US$12,139) by 2015
• Creating private sector-led economy
• Supporting innovation-led growth
• Full employment
• Restructuring of subsidies

However 9 months after the 10MP was launched, the Penang state government still does not know how much was Penang allocated and what projects would be identified. To-date, we are uncertain whether the Federal government has decided on the allocation for the respective states under the 10MP. It is only fair for Penang to receive its fair share in view of the annual sum of nearly RM4 billion in contributions to the Federal government.

Penang No. 1 In Implementing 9MP Projects But What Are They?

The only information available is the statement by Tan Sri Nor that Penang recorded the highest percentage in utilisation of funds, compared with other states, in expenditures on development projects implemented by the federal government. Tan Sri Nor said that 91.84 per cent of the RM7.176 billion allocated for development projects in Penang under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) had been utilised.

Again the Penang state government hopes that Tan Sri Nor can reveal the details of the projects under the 9MP, which shows the progress and effective implementation by the federal government in Penang. This will also assist in determining the reasons for the delay so that such weaknesses will not be repeated again. There is no doubt that delayed completion of projects causes losses detrimental to public interest. Such delays can be avoided with proper planning and supervision.

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