Investigate RM5.4 million False Claim Scandal

Investigate RM5.4 million False Claim Scandal In The Contruction Of The RM65 million Swettenhem Pier Redevelopment Project

The Penang State Government is concerned over inaction by the Attorney- General Chambers and the Transport Ministry over the scandal of a contractor who was allegedly involved for falsifying claims amounting to RM5.4 million in the RM65 million Swettenhem Pier redevelopment project.

The case was highlighted in the newspaper on 16 August, 2008 by Transport Minister, Datuk Ong Tee Keat who said the Port Commission Authorities uncovered the case in March 2008.

What is most shocking was Ong’s revelation that the contractor involved in the international cruise redevelopment project pier managed to collect RM5.4 million after falsifying documents. The original claim for the progressive payments for the project was RM1.92 million. Ong said that the matter was handed to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for further action.

To date, there is still no word, two years after the scandal was uncovered, from the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Transport Ministry on the matter. The Penang State Government urges the authorities concerned to get to the bottom of the matter as it involves public funds.

The Penang State Government calls on the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Transport Ministry to demand a full refund of monies falsely claimed by the contractor, take the sternest action against those responsible for committing the act including government officials who approved payment of the false claims.

Instead of being inactive, the authorities should take the lead as full accountability and transparency in this scandal is required to protect public interest.

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