Motorola Has Agreed To Steer One of The 5 Pillars Of the Penang Science Council – “Sustained Learning Amongst Students”.

The Penang Science Council’s(PSC) vision to establish Penang as a scientific center of excellence. This vision can only succeed by creating interest amongst the young in the rules and norms of science and technology, that is vital for the development of a dynamic and innovative society. PSC aims to inspire the young to adopt a career in science and technology as well as cultivate innovative and dynamic thought in these subject matters. 5 key pillars have been highlighted by the Penang Science Council and they are:

1) Sustainable Education and Learning – to rekindle interest in science and technology amongst the young and students through talks by renowned successful entrepreneurs, competitions, quizzes and exhibitions in Penang;

2) Mentoring the young scientifice entrepreneur by providing a platform of guidance, opportunity and funding through seed money to commercialize their ideas and inventions.

3) Nurturing– Establishing a Science Tech center to showcase Penang’s rich history of success in inventions and innovations in its 35 years of industrialization to spur new inventions.

4) Innovation and Research – to continue Penang’s competitive advantage of human talents who have a proven track record as an outsourcing centre, sophisticated supply chain network and research and innovation facilities which includes funding to encourage creative ideas and new inventions

5) Life sciences & Medical Health – nurturing the young to be interested in the field of life sciences and to know more about “sunrise” industries in Penang.

The PSC will be industry-driven with minimal intervention from the state government. As industry is well-placed to see the market and global trends, they are much more visible and focused in addressing changing trends in technology and market demand. By letting industry decide what is best to increase the knowledge pool in science and technology as well as enlarge manpower requirements, the PSC can ensure that resources are matched with needs.

The Penang state government is pleased that the key players in the Electrical and Electronics industry, health and bio-tech industry have responded enthusiastically to the form and substance of the proposed PSC. All industry players have agreed to helm the 5 pillars mentioned.

Motorola will be steering the pillar of sustained learning pillar that reaches out to students of high-school and university levels whereas the other 4 pillars will be announced later. Other players in the industry who are not steering the pillar have also participated actively as a member of any of the 5 pillars.

Programs will be announced over the next week on implementation. The Penang state government is confident that the innovative approach in making the PSC an industry-driven initiative will atttract interest from the sector that matters – both the market industry and cultivation of human talent pool.

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