Seeking A Fair Deal That Gives Equal Opportunity For All

Seeking A Fair Deal That Gives Equal Opportunity For All Including Penang That Contributed RM 25,670 Million In Taxes And Customs Duties Between 2001-2008 But Only Received Federal Grants In Return Of RM 794 Million.

The Penang government would continue to seek a fair deal that gives equal opportunity for all including the state of Penang. In a written reply in the recently concluded Parliamentary sitting, the Finance Minister revealed Penang contributed to the federal government RM 25,670 in the form of taxes and customs duties between 2001-2008 but only received federal grants in return of RM 794 million.

In other words, Penang received back only a shocking 3% of what it contributed during the 8 years from 2001-2008. Even if we were to include federal projects of around RM 10 billion during this period, the total amount spent in Penang would amount to at most 40%.

Penang has been left out of the development mainstream too long that resulted in building of public infrastructure slower in Penang as compared to other states. Even Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew made the observation that Penang was developing slower compared to other towns such as Ipoh or Seremban.

Penang will seek a fairer deal from the Federal government to allow all Penangnites equal opportunity for success and prosperity regardless of race, religion, gender or background. The state government’s efforts in ensuring that everyone has a share in the fruits of economic success has led to Penang becoming the first state to wipe out hard-core poverty in Malaysia and every Penang family receiving at least RM 500 a month.

The Penang State government wishes all Penangnites a Merry Christmas. The meaning of Christmas is one of unconditional love and forgiveness. As Jesus said when he was crucified on the Cross in Luke 23:34,

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

We should forgive our families and friends for any wrongs they may have committed.

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