Christmas Message 2009

Redeeming Our Faith In Good Values And Renewing Hope By Fighting Corruption.

Christmas marks the day Jesus was born, the divine being whom Christians believed to be the Son of God sent to save mankind. As such it is an occasion not only of salvation and redemption of our sins but also of peace and hope.

All Malaysians pray for the same values, especially in fighting corruption and abuse of power. The fall in Malaysia’s Transparency International rankings from No. 47 and 5.1 points in 2008 to No. 56 with 4.5 points this year has only spotlighted attention on how much Malaysia has lost to corruption.

From the admission of RM 28 billion yearly by a Malaysian Minister to estimates of RM 100 billion by an Australian author to USD 100 billion by a Morgan Stanley economist, Malaysians demand some form of accountability. With so much public funds lost, a Royal Commission of Enquiry is the most appropriate forum to get to the root of the problem of corruption.

The theft of 2 fighter jet engines and other equipment from an air force military base worth more than RM 100 million has shamed Malaysia internationally. How can our armed forces defend the country, if they military bases are not safe? Worse, how could the jet engines be so easily smuggled out to be sold either in Africa or South America. Either there is a massive inside job happening or there are more military equipment stolen that we are still unaware of.

All Malaysians are united against corruption and demand a Royal Commission of Enquiry to ensure that there is no cover-up. The Federal government should come clean on these scandals to restore its damaged international credibility by taking stern action against those responsible. DAP is willing to co-operate with the Federal government to clean up our country’s image and fulfil the teachings not only of Christians but all other religions to practice “enjoin good, forbid evil”(amar maaruf, nahi mungkar)

Let us pledge to make not only our military camps secure but redeem our faith in good values and renew hope by fighting corruption.

DAP wishes all Christians a Merry Christmas.

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