A Two-Party System Is Essential Towards Establishing A Healthy Functioning Democracy And A People-Centric Government.

Malaysians who support the establishment of a healthy functioning democracy and a people-centric government must accept the role and existence of a two-party in our political governance. As government agencies, we are bound by our duty to serve the people and respect their wishes of wanting a two-party system to provide “checks and balances”.

The Penang state government is happy to give this small contribution in recognition of the efforts of our police and army personnel to ensure public order, personal safety and national security.

The actions of the few who use intimidation to grab what they fail to achieve in the elections is regrettable. There can be no policy-making by intimidation or else there is no government. There must be respect for the rule of law to formulate policies for wealth creation and distribution that is effective and efficient.

Only when there is rule of law, can we pursue prosperity by stressing on competitiveness and excellence, train and retain the best talent and maximise our use of resources. There is no golden rule how that is to be done. But everyone agrees that we must have mindsets that are open to new ideas and change.

It has always been said that small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas. How then do we inculcate great minds that generate new ideas that will lead to greater creativity and innovation? We need a new mindset to change and the creativity that celebrates diversity.

Our new mindsets respect values, cultures and religion of our multi-racial society and are united by our intolerance for corruption, crime, discrimination and injustice. And one of the new ideas is acceptance of diversity and dissenting views as embodied in a two-party system to achieve a healthy functioning democracy.

1 thought on “A Two-Party System Is Essential Towards Establishing A Healthy Functioning Democracy And A People-Centric Government.”

  1. My comment is : –

    A Two-party System is actually good or healthy for a country. Eg. Britain, Australia, USA do have such a system… But think that Malaysian have lack of understanding on “What is mean by Two-Party System?”…

    If we are seriously understand the Western Two-Party system. They have ‘Right-Wing’ or ‘Left-Wing’ government.

    1) Right = pro capitalism; means create a more pro biz environment for biz men and thus create job oppoturnities.
    2) Left = pro trade union; means pro to the public or people for work force.

    Look alike our understand on this issue only limited to “to check and balances”???

    Take an example on our transport system.

    “Right” government will set policies that pro to the biz environment. May be sometimss too much (pro); eg, we can say toll charges on highway. Means benefit go to toll company.

    “Left” side government may adopt a different policy for the transportation system. There is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public transport system. Means benefit go to public.

    Have we even think about this (the above example)? Are we in the “Right” or “Left” ideology?

    Eg, have we even think on how to improve the public transport syetem in Klang Valley, JB or even George Town? I think mostly we are “Right-Minded” people as we cannot get a solution in this situation, right? Then an ‘Unhealthy’ or ‘No-Meaningful’ Two-Party System is just to ‘check and balance’ the government?

    If we consider the Western countries, their politics system just like ‘driving a car’… when u ‘left’ turn too much (Eg, Cons Party)… then we want ‘right’ turn now (Eg, Lab Party)… They have change their policies and ideology. How about us? Have we change much? If not, will the ‘car’ drive to the shoulder -> guard rail -> accident (Either Left or Right turn)…


    (1) Enforcement in Law (Left) for the system or (2) build more highway (Right) may not solve the above problem.

    As (1) the public transport company may get a hugh loss ($$$) to run the biz; (2) the construction of highway is not as FAST as our newly register cars (length/long).

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