Penang Chief Minister Has No Choice But To Sue BN Media Such As New Straits Times And BN’s Strategic Communications Deputy Director For Malicious And Vicious Lies(e/c)

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister’s Office In Kuala Lumpur On 2.7.2017.

Penang Chief Minister Has No Choice But To Sue BN Media Such As New Straits Times And BN’s Strategic Communications Deputy Director For Malicious And Vicious Lies That Lim Guan Eng Made Veiled Threats Against Penangites That His Imprisonment Would Affect Penang’s i-sejahtera Welfare Programme.

Penang Chief Minister has no choice but to sue BN media such as New Straits Times And BN’s Strategic Communications Deputy Director for malicious and vicious lies reporting that Lim Guan Eng made veiled threats against Penangites that his imprisonment would affect Penang’s i-sejahtera welfare programme. In the New Straits Times report today,
July 1st, “Face charges instead of issuing ‘veiled threats’ against Penangites, BN tells Guan Eng
Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications (BNSC) deputy director Eric See-To urged Lim to face his corruption charges head-on without trying to “spin” the stories surrounding the case.

“According to a news report, Penang CM had warned that his prosecution for corruption puts the state administration’s welfare programmes on the line and that the needy in Penang will suffer.

“BNSC strongly condemns this veiled threat which we see as an attempt for Guan Eng to mock and undermine our legal system.

“Penang is bigger than Lim and the Chief Minister should stop having this inflated opinion about himself,” he said in a statement today.

Lim earlier today claimed that Penang folk were angry that a leader of a clean government has been charged with corruption and were afraid that his incarceration would affect the state’s i-Sejahtera welfare programme.”

Lim Guan Eng had never made such a statement or a speech yesterday in the DAP Penang Hari Raya Aidilfitri Open House in Jawi, Nibong Tebal. Defamatory action will be taken against BN media and BNSC Deputy Director.

The BN Federal government is trying to use their persecution of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng with baseless corruption charges to cover-up global kleptocracy of USD 4.5 billion misappropriated from 1MDB by M01 and high-level Malaysian officials. According to the Department of Justice (DOJ) of the United States, the USD 4.5 billion involves public funds including USD 731 million deposited in the bank accounts of Malaysian Prime Minister. Out of this humongous amount of USD 4.5 billion misappropriated, USD1.7 billion was expended in the United States.

The purchase of property, luxury yachts, airplanes, artworks, expensive jewellery, including pink diamonds to the wife of M01 involving USD1.7 billion are the subject of the United States government’s Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation. The remainder USD2.8 billion was used outside the United States and not within the purview of DOJ investigations. DOJ also attempts to recover USD 400 million from Jho Low and USD 25 million from Riza Aziz, who is the step-son of the Prime Minister.

Prominent actor Leonardo di Caprio has returned gifts from Jho Lo. So too Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr, who returned USD 8.8 million of diamond jewellery given by Jho Lo when he was courting her. If actors and supermodels have the decency, moral integrity and honesty to return gifts, yet BN leaders fall short despite claims of being moral, religious or ethical, by refusing to return what they have stolen from 1MDB and the Malaysian people.

As for the corruption charges against the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over the purchase of his residence, he has said that the charges were politically motivated to destroy his political career. Lim had bought the property from a bank loan and his income without involving a single cent of public funds.

Further Lim had stated previously that he would also prove in court that the seller did not get any benefit from selling the property to Lim, as she has no business relationship with the state government. The political persecution against Lim by the BN government is evident when Lim is also charged for contempt of court relating to his corruption case.











国阵中央政府在毫无根据的情况底下,指控槟州首长贪污,目的是为了掩饰1MDB 及多名高级官员所涉及金额高达45亿美金的洗黑钱兼盗窃统治案件。根据美国司法署的消息,有关案件所涉及的45亿美元中,也包括转入我国首相银行户口的7亿310万美元。在这一笔45亿美元的天文数字当中,其中有17亿美元是在美国境内开销花费。




此外,林冠英之前也声明他将会在法庭供证卖方并没有从卖房子从中获利。她和州政府没有商业关系。 国阵政府对林冠英的政治迫害是证据确凿的,因为他除了因为所面控的贪污案件,竟然也必须被控藐视法庭。