I am pleased to be in Penang Science Cluster today to officiate the 1st ever Penang Tinker Weekend.

Penang Tinker Weekend is conceived because we recognize that playing about with something or as we call it, tinkering, sparks creativity and innovation. This is in line with Penang Science Cluster’s mission to inspire young minds to be creative and innovative makers.

With Penang Tinker Weekend, we would like to promote and create this culture of tinkering through hands-on experience. There are over 20 types of activities such as making bouncing bubbles, bottle cap microscope and 3D holograms, as well as demonstrations ranging from inflammable paper and pressure rocket launches.

Additionally, Penang Tinker Weekend is made possible with the collaboration between Penang Science Cluster and several education institutions such as PSDC, USM, SMJK Phor Tay and also other independent volunteers. Everyone you see here conducting the activities are enthusiastic young volunteers from these institutions. We are providing a platform for these young people to step up and take the lead in inspiring other people.

Penang Science Cluster recognises the importance of grooming our young. This RM20 million refurbished Yeap Chor Ee building by the Penang State Government is an ambitious effort not just to marry technology with a valued heritage building or to rekindle interest in science and technology but also to foster innovation and creativity by helping tech start-ups through our accelerator and incubator programmes.

That is why PSC works with various industrial partners and the community to conduct programmes such as TechMentor Lego Robotics, Coding, and Embedded Systems, as well as the flagship Penang International Science Fair that will be held on 11 and 12 November later this year. To-date, our Penang Science Cafés has hosted 18 000 students with hands-on workshops.

Let me end by encouraging you to try out as many activities as you can in Penang Tinker Weekend. I wish you a good time in these two days and hope that you make ‘tinkering’ a part of your daily lives.