One-Month Interim Raya Bonus For PBAPP Personnel(e)


On behalf of the Penang State Government, I would like to congratulate the PBAPP contingent again for winning the title of ‘Champion Contingent of the National-level Worker’s Day Gathering 2017’.

We know that this win was the result of voluntary participation by 80 employees of the PBAPP family.

While most Penangites and Malaysians were enjoying a day off with families and friends on ‘Labour Day’, you chose to represent PBAPP and Penang in a national-level parade competition at Putrajaya. We also appreciate the fact that some of you have been doing this for years. However, what matters most is that your sacrifice, dedication and commitment have paid off handsomely this year.

I was quite heartened to learn that, in the process of winning the title, you incorporated waving mini Penang flags and PBAPP flags in your parade routines for 2.5 hours. You have done PBAPP and Penang proud on 1st May 2017 by emerging as the champion contingent and by besting other more established contingents set up by other bigger companies.

If I am not mistaken, PBAPP’s achievement of emerging as the ‘Champion Contingent of the National-level Worker’s Day Gathering 2017’ marks another first for Penang. I have not heard of any other Penang organisation that has managed to achieve such a feat in recent years. So, please accept our heartiest congratulations and appreciation for this achievement.

When I heard about this win, I thought that we should give something back to you and your families for your good work on 1st May 2017. Since you were ‘working hard for PBAPP and Penang’ on Labour Day 2017, it is only appropriate that we give you back some quality time with your families today.

This is the reason for the ‘PBAPP National Day Parade Champions Family Day Celebration’. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ and I hope that you will enjoy a great day together with your families in the Penang Tech Dome.

In closing, I would like to say that it is a pity that many of us did not manage witness your title-winning parade performance at Putrajaya because it was not shown on TV. However, we now look forward to your performance at the State-level National Day celebrations this year.

Please keep up the good work and show us what PBAPP can do.

Finally, I would like to announce a one-month interim bonus for all PBAPP employees, to be paid in June 2017. This is to reward all PBAPP employees for working hard to ensure that there is no water rationing in Penang until today.

Thank You