Speech during the official launching ceremony for the construction of banquet hall, KOMTAR


I am pleased to be with you today to witness another milestone in the State and PDC’s efforts to revitalise and rejuvenate KOMTAR and make it shine again as the socio-civic and business centre of Penang.

On this auspicious day, we will witness the official launching of the construction of the Komtar Banquet Hall here at level 5 Rooftop. The Banquet Hall will consist a reception, lounge, dining hall and VIP rooms which will offer a comfortable dining atmosphere with international standard facilities. The dining hall can accommodate a seating capacity for about 750 people.

The contractor for this project had taken site possession for the construction works of the Banquet Hall on 23 September 2013 and construction works are expected to be completed by mid 2014.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Banquet Hall is just part of the KOMTAR revitalisation initiatives undertaken by Only World Group (OWG) which was appointed by the State Government and PDC through open tender, vide an invitation for the Request For Proposal (RFP) exercise.

Apart from the Banquet Hall, this project will also include the construction of two (2) external high speed observation lifts which will among the latest attractions at KOMTAR linking the Level 5 rooftop to Levels 59 & 60 and up to Levels 64 & 65.

The other revitalisation measures include the refurbishment of the premises at Levels 59 & 60 into international class “sky dining” restaurants complemented by outdoor dining at Levels 64 & 65, the refurbishment of four (4) existing lifts at the Tower block and the associated lift lobbies, shopping arcades at the open space at Level 5 and the installation of escalators at the Grand Staircase from KOMTAR Walk leading to the Level 5 open space.

The whole development under this revitalisation project is scheduled to be completed and open for business by early 2016.

The construction of the Banquet Hall will mark an important milestone towards the completion of the whole RFP project as targetted.

With a huge investment cost of RM40 million pledged by OWG, the stake of this project is high and thus the State Government and the PDC will use its best endeavour to assist OWG to ensure the successful completion of this project with the cooperation of MPPP and other relevant approving authorities.

As mentioned earlier, with a host of new activities and features introduced and injected into KOMTAR in the form of the Banquet Hall, shopping arcades, observation lifts, international class dining, the PDC is confident that these facilities will attract both domestic and foreign visitors to visit KOMTAR.

The PDC is also confident that this project will also benefit the existing traders and businesses in KOMTAR and serve as a catalyst to the revitalisation and re-opening of shoplots.

This revitalisation exercise ties in well with the macro strategy to improve Komtar and its business vicinity through Asia’s first Business Improvement District Scheme (BIDS), whereby major stakeholders in this central business district combine resources to draw up and implement an urban regeneration programme comprising connectivity, ensuring cleanliness and enhancing security.

Thus this project will continue to receive full support from the State Government to ensure its success. The State and PDC will also work together with other major stakeholders, potential investors and existing retail shoplots here to ensure the ultimate goal of bringing back KOMTAR’s shine and glory.

With this positive note, I would like to officially launch the construction of the Komtar Banquet Hall.