2013 Penang Wesak Day Message (en/cn)

2013 Penang Wesak Day Message By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 24.5.2013.

Whilst Penang Will Implement Policies That Embrace Change To Win The Future, We Must Never Give Up The Idea Of Penang As An Oasis Of Multi-Cultural Harmony And Mutual Respect That Is Both Inclusive And Diverse.

Penang is proud of our 250 year old history that respects all faiths and diversity. This singular success of Penangites from different races and religions living together in harmony and prosperity was recognised by UNESCO in awarding George Town World Heritage City status.

This year’s Wesak Day celebrations in Penang reminds us again that despite our differences, despite our different skin colour, different faiths and languages, we belong to one race – the human race. Penang’s successful progress despite having no natural resources can be traced to our respect for diversity and harmony as well as good people-centric policies.

The talent and wealth of the people must be harnessed to ensure sustainable economic development. There must be good governance and integrity in governance to ensure corruption and abuse of power is minimised. Most importantly the government shall continue to listen to the people so that policies are implemented for their benefit and not for cronies.

We believe that a government can be clean. We believe that the government can benefit the people not cronies. We believe that the business of government is stay out of business. We believe in building institutions so that we work according to rule of law where technical know who is more important than political connections. We believe in building modern infrastructure and not political empires. We believe in investing in people and not in mega white elephant projects to win the future.

We will not fear but embrace change as change is progress. Whilst Penang will implement policies that embrace change to win the future, we must never give up the idea of Penang as an oasis of multi-cultural harmony and mutual respect that is both inclusive and diverse.

Policies by the state government must pass this test whether it will make Penang cleaner, greener, safer and healthier.


——-Mandarin Version —–

槟州首席部长林冠英于2013年5月24日在槟城乔治市光大发表的2013年卫塞节献词 :




我们相信,政府是可以清廉的。我们相信,政府是可以惠民而不是惠及朋党的。我们坚信,政府的任务并不是从事生意 ,而是不涉及任何的生意往来。我们相信建立机制,让一切的工作依循法治进行,技术的知识比政治联系更重要。我们认为应该建造现代化基础设施而不是政治帝国。我们相信投资人民能够赢得未来,而不是投资在大型的白象计划上。




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