The Failure Of The Bible Burning Fest In Penang Sends A Strong Message For Mutual Respect Amongst Different Faiths, Peace And Harmony To The Extremists Who Want Not Only To Burn The Bible But To Burn Down Malaysia.(en/cn)

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 28.1.2013.

The Penang state government records its appreciation to the Penang police and Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai or MPSP enforcement personnel for taking the necessary steps to frighten the extremists from carrying out their plans for a Bible burning festival in Dewan Ahmad Badawi in Butterworth yesterday. We also thank the people from both in Penang and Malaysia as well as outside Malaysia from both Muslims and non-Muslims for their prayers and support against such a vile and abhorrent act.

The failure of the Bible burning fest in Penang sends a strong message for mutual respect amongst different faiths, peace and harmony to the extremists who want not only to burn the bible but to burn down Malaysia. The Penang state government urges Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail to stop appeasing Perkasa but take action against its leaders for calling for the Bible to be burnt, that has brought us international shame.

Just because Perkasa is supported whole-heartedly by UMNO does not give Perkasa immunity from the law or the freedom to insult non-Muslims and deprive non-Malays of their basic rights. Malaysians are grateful that Muslims and Malays also reject such extremist tactics that are similar to those employed by Hitler and the Nazis in Germany before the Second World War.

Abdul Gani has shown himself to be both irresponsible and unfit for the post of Attorney-General by refusing to act against Perkasa with the ridiculous excuse that Perkasa has not yet burnt the Bible and will only act when Perkasa has done so. Does this mean when someone threatens to murder another, no action will be taken until the victim is actually murdered? This is neither justice nor respects the rule of law but simply an outrageous lawless act of protecting BN supporters to bully ordinary Malaysians.

The failure of the Attorney-General to act against Perkasa will only encourage such future acts of impunity by extremists to threaten our multi-racial society. The time has come for the BN government to draw the line by taking firm action to ensure that no one threatens any holy books of any religion.

Lim Guan Eng

—-Mandarin Version —


槟州没有发生“焚烧圣经” 事件,传达了一个重要的讯息给那些不只要焚烧圣经、也要焚毁马来西亚的极端分子,那就是不同宗教之间必须相互尊重、维护和平及和谐。


槟州没有发生“焚烧圣经” 事件,传达了一个重要的讯息给那些不只要焚烧圣经、也要焚毁马来西亚的极端分子,那就是不同宗教之间必须相互尊重、维护和平及和谐。槟州政府促请总检察长丹斯里阿都干尼停止纵容土权组织,马上对付那些号召焚烧圣经、让我国在国际社会蒙羞的领袖。

阿都干尼已经曝露自己多么不负责任、也不配做一名总检察长,他拒绝对付土权,荒唐的理由是土权还没有焚烧圣经,如果土权行动了他才会采取行动,这是不是意味着如果某人威胁要谋杀另一个人,他会等到受害者被谋杀才采取行动? 这不是公义,也不是法治,这简直就是无法无天,保护国阵支持者、欺负普通马来西亚人。



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