Deepavali Message 2011(en/cn)

The Abuses Of Power, Wrongdoing And Financial Malpractices Exposed in The 2010 Auditor-General Report Will Be Repeated Next Year Unless Action Is Taken Against The Departments And Officers Responsible.

DAP wishes all Hindus a Happy Deepavali with the hope that Malaysians can also celebrate a victory of good policies over bad policies. For good to prevail, we must shine our light on good policies that benefit the people. However shining the light on these wrongdoings will be meaningless if no action is taken.

Unfortunately the 2010 Auditor-General Report reminds Malaysians of everything that is wrong in the BN Federal government. Night-vision marine binoculars costing only RM 1,940 are bought at a price of RM56,350, a TV LCD and DVD player bought with a contract price of RM16,100 was supplied with an inferior brand valued at only RM195; RM770,000 was spent to supply electricity to one house; more than a billion ringgit in additional costs are incurred for poorly supervised projects and even a Minister is involved when a RM73.6 million cattle-farming project is given to her family.
The Auditor-General has done his duty to shine the light at all the wrongdoings. However, the abuses of power, wrongdoings and financial malpractices exposed in the 2010 Auditor-General report will be certainly repeated next year unless action is taken against the departments, officials and even the Ministers responsible.

The Federal government has failed to stop the rot of wrongdoing, abuses of power and financial malpractices over the last 54 years. Only a change of government can bring about the transformation for good to win over bad.

A government can only prove its sincerity about implementing good policies that benefit the people, by “institutionalising” the people-centric policies by practicing it yearly not once every 5 years or when there are elections. Giving money once every 5 years is obviously targeted to buying votes and an exercise in money politics. There is only sincerity in making good people-centric policies when such financial assistance to the people is given yearly.

2011 DAP Deepavali Message By DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 27.10.2011

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