2010 Christmas Day Message

2010 Christmas Day Message By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 24.12.2010

Jesus’ Message Of Love, Peace And Hope Resonates And Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Malaysian First And Malaysian Unity Over Chinese Unity, Malay Unity, Indian Unity, Iban Unity Or Kadazan Unity.

During this festive season, Jesus’ timeless message of love, peace and hope resonates with all Malaysians. We must remind ourselves that we are Malaysian First and that Malaysian unity is more important than Chinese unity, Malay unity, Indian unity, Iban unity and Kadazan unity.

Malaysians must reject those who seek to divide us whether by skin colour or religion. Why should the Malays be disunited just because UMNO loses Malay support? There is no talk of Malays being disunited when PAS loses Malay support. Similarly why should the Chinese be disunited just because MCA loses Chinese support or Indians be disunited when MIC loses the support of the Indians?

Malaysians should be united by the common platform of freedom, truth, democracy, justice and social welfare for all.

Jesus taught that we must learn to love each other even our enemies. Then only can we open our hearts to peace and give hope to not only everyone but future generations.

Malaysians must reject those who preach hate and violence to the extent of calling for the bloody May 13 tragedy to be declared as a sacred day that should be celebrated.

Let us reject these pseudo-Malaysians who are extremists, racists and greedy cronies of corruption. Let us focus on real Malaysians as ordinary fathers and mothers who want to improve their economic livelihood and see a brighter future for their children.

We pray that we will stand united in one heart and one mind to serve one another and our community with love and compassion. We pray for all who are suffering from deprivations or ill or lost their loved ones that they have the strength to prevail and overcome. We pray that we awaken our conscience so that our need to act faithfully against all injustice is reflected in how we speak, how we serve and how we give.

Merry Christmas from the Penang state government!

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