2010 Deepavali Message

By DAP Secretary-General and MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In DAP Kuala Lumpur Headquarters On 3.11.2010.

Tamil Version

I wish all Hindus in Malaysia a very happy and blessed Deepavali. May this Festival of Lights bring us peace, joy and harmony as we celebrate this special day with all our brothers and sisters of different faiths.

Deepavali, a symbol of the triumph of good over evil, must guide us in our endeavour to battle ignorance, racism and religious extremism.

DAP with our partners PAS and PKR in Pakatan Rakyat believe in unity in diversity, and the need to preserve harmony through dialogues and discussions, instead of hurling accusations against one another.

We believe that all Malaysians regardless of race and religion have equal rights and equal opportunity, and that no one can take that away under any circumstances. While Pakatan Rakyat partners may have different views about certain things, we all strive to achieve the same goal – for a truly united multiracial and multireligious nation.

We reject the confusing signals sent out by UMNO politicians who, on the one hand declare that they do not need the support of non-Malays to achieve their political goals, and on the other hand claim that without the support of the non-Malays, Malaysia will have a bleak future. Worse despite claiming support for the Indian community, the very same politicians do not take action against principals who call Indians dogs because of the Hindu religious necklace worn around their necks.

DAP and Pakatan Rakyat need the support of all races and people of different faiths. We know that working together is the only solution for a truly fair society.

Among partners of Pakatan Rakyat, we have the slogans of “Justice For All”, “PAS For All” and “Malaysian First”. Different words indeed but definitely the same goal.

We do not subscribe to any form of racial or religious supremacy. We do not agree to any form of discrimination just because we are different as Indians, Chinese, Malays, Kadazans and Ibans.. We believe in human dignity for all where we see each other as Malaysian brothers and sisters who share the same dreams of equal opportunity, justice, freedom, integrity and democracy.

Most importantly, bad behaviour and oppressive practices must be punished. How does one reward good without punishing bad?

Let therefore be united by common values such as our distaste for corrupt practices such as the unresolved MAIKA Holdings scandal, by our abhorrence for extravagance such as building the RM 5 billion 100-storey Menara Warisan Merdeka or wasteful spending like the RM 65 million just to repair the Prime Minster’s residence.

We call on everyone in this country to join and support us in striving towards a better Malaysia, for a fair and democratic society, and that we should no longer be burdened with the fear of freedom and living in frustration and disappointment with racial politics.

May the spirit of Deepavali guide us in achieving our goal. Deepavali Valthukal

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