The Penang State Government opposes the RM9.40 toll rate

The Penang state government will call for an all party meeting to mobilize and unite support amongst all Penangites against the proposed RM9.40 toll rate for both the Penang first and second bridge. I’m surprised at Gerakan’s opposition to the increase in toll rate to RM9.40 by 2013 for both bridges when the Cabinet, including Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, has already approved the toll increase.

Does it mean that Barisan National component party do not know what they are doing in Cabinet or the tail does not know what the head is doing. Or is this another example of double faced politics?

However the Penang State Government welcomes all political parties and organizations who oppose the Penang bridges toll increase. We are willing to invite the Barisan National component parties to this anti RM9.40 Penang Bridge Toll Rate Meeting even though they may have supported this in Cabinet.

The Penang State Government opposes the RM9.40 toll rate because of the lack of transparency in contract details and lack of consultation with the Penang State Government. Questions has been raised by Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong about the RM20 million expenses for ceremonial duties and RM63.51 million ringgit overhead and support expenses. To date there has been no
reply of what this RM83.51 million expenses are all about. Are there any other hidden expenses that the public does not know about?

Finally why has the cost of the second bridge risen from RM4.3 billion in 2008 when the price of oil was its peak to 4.5 billion now when the price of oil has dropped drastically.

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