CAT Governance The Way Forward For Good Governance and Transform Penang As The Cleanest State In Malaysia

Good morning, Welcome to our prize giving ceremony of the Penang CAT mascot competition.

We are happy to announce that the state government have chosen four winners with their creative designs in the CAT mascot competition.

In order to promote the message of CAT, we organised a mascot design competition to find a mascot which can portray the image of the Penang state government’s CAT policy.

The competition which ended on 30th of September drew 234 designs from all over the country.

Penang aspires to be an International City that is a preferred choice for investors, tourists and residents desiring sustainable lifestyle. Penang is well on its way in becoming the local of choice for investors with our CAT governance making Penang the cleanest state in Malaysia that is acknowledged by both Transparency International and the 2009 Attorney General Report.

I am also happy to know that most of the participants in this competition are young students; the youngest participant is only 14 years old. Such overwhelming support shows that our young generation has recognized our efforts in making Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) governance a way of life not only in good governance but also corporate best practices and a culture for ordinary citizens.

Through the creative design proposals of CAT mascot, our young Malaysians have expressed their views and expectations to the Penang government that public integrity, political ethics and morality must be upheld. And the CAT Penang state government will uphold this trust given to us.

The 5 esteemed judges looked through all the entries, and shortlisted 4 designs.

I am especially pleased to inform you that all the 4 shortlisted are Penangnites. Penang has never been short of talent and this competition continues to prove the truth of that statement.

From the 4 designs, the Excos chose the winning mascot. The name of the mascot is MENANG, I am sure you are curious to know how it looks like, it will be shown during the presentation of the prizes.

(in Chinese:槟能福猫,in Tamil:Menang_Tamil Vet-ri Na-ma-they, equivalent means, ‘Success is ours’. ).

As you can see, the mascot portrays the image of the Penang state government and symbolizes dynamism, competency, creativity, integrity and social harmony of Penang that represents 3Es mission- Enable the people with skills and knowledge, empower them with rights and power and enrich them with prosperity and progress.

We are very impressed with the CAT mascot.

MENANG will be used not only to promote state programs, but also be the ambassador of our sports, cultural and tourism activities. Penang Global Tourism has been appointed to assist the state government in this matter.

Before making the winning presentations, I congratulate the winners who will get prizes today for their hard work.

Finally, I would also like to thank our esteemed judges for their tireless efforts in evaluating all the design proposals. They are Mr Leong Hoy Yoke, Mdm Haryany Binti Mohamad, who is currently in Korea, Mr Thanneermalai s/o Muniandy, Mr. Felix Chua and Mdm Julina Ismail.

Rationale of Menang

The tiger was chosen for the design as tigers symbolise strength and power, generally inspires fear and respect. The characteristics of a tiger would suit Penang state perfectly.

The name Menang started with the idea that though we are Penangnites, we are also Malaysians. Using the alphabet “M” from Malaysia, and combining it with Penang, the name Menang was chosen.

Menang is friendly and active. The orange and yellow colours make him look fresh and energetic all the time, and again, this represents Penang residents. As Penang is one of the prime travel spots in Malaysia, Menang will serve tourists well with his energetic appearance.

As you know, the Penang Bridge connects the island with the mainland, allowing us to go through the sea and connect to once another. Communication – the clear black stripe on Menang’s ear and the back head symbolises the Penang Bridge. In this case, Menang will act as a mascot, ever ready to serve and welcome others.

At the back of Menang, the black strips form Penang Island. Menang’s stripes here are different from others as it glows among the icon areas, giving a classier image overall.

The coat of arms is visible on Menang’s chest and it comes along with cultural patterns that show the unity among the races. All of them put together for the alphabet “M” which represents Malaysia

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