30 Policy Measures Beneficial To The Rakyat That Highlights The Difference Between PR and BN

30 Policy Measures Beneficial To The Rakyat That Highlights The Difference Between PR People-Centric Government And BN’s Crony Government.

The focus on cronies by BN and not the people was one of the principal causes of the political tsunami in 2008 that brought in the PR government in Penang with a 2/3 majority. A people-centric government with the following governing framework can succeed in transforming Penang into an international city that is democratic, socially cohesive and inclusive, knowledge seeking and prosperous society.

Our Vision Of An International City
To transform Penang into an international city that is a
– Location of choice for investors
– Destination of choice for tourists
– Habitat of choice for sustainable living

3E Mission Of A People’s Government To Enable, Empower And Enrich The People
A people oriented government that
– Enables the people with skills, knowledge and education to provide equal opportunity for all to create wealth
– Empowers the people with fundamental rights, basic freedoms and responsibilities with full observance for the rule of law
– Enrich the people by sharing wealth and economic benefits to pursue socio-economic justice

Clean Administrative Strategy – CAT Governance
Good governance based on competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) that upholds 5 core principles of justice, freedom, truth, social welfare and piety in God.

During the last 18 months we have introduced and implemented many new policies of establishing the first people-oriented government in Malaysia. Let us look at 30 policies that benefited Penang.

30 Policies Of PR People-centric Government Beneficial To 1.5 Million Penangnites.

Enabling the People
1. Penang wireless initiative to make Penang the first wifi state in Malaysia that is provided free to all the citizens in Penang
2. Establishing a 200 acre education hub to make Penang the centre of educational excellence together with the expansion of the existing PSDC would serve as an incubator to develop knowledge, skills and human capital.
3. Recognition and cash encouragement to top students in SPM and STPM; huffaz (those who memorise the Quran)
4. Promote the upgrading of the Kolej Islam Teknologi Antarabangsa (KITAB) as the first Islamic university in Penang
5. Financial assistance to Sekolah Agama Rakyat of RM88,000 per school, RM43,000 per Chinese school and RM54,000 per Tamil school totally annually RM 8.5 million.
6. Providing land for building Sekolah Agama Rakyat, Chinese and Tamil primary schools.
7. Grassroots programme to promote the command and learning of English
8. Providing disabled-friendly facilities where Penang has been acknowledged by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as the best in Malaysia
9. Success in attracting record investments of RM 10.2 billion in 2008 without any cancellation under global economic recession with quality investments such as Honeywell USD 200 million plant, Ibiden RM 1.2 billion plant and B. Braun proposed RM 500 million Centre of excellence for Research & Development
10. Establishing women centres and child care centres to allow women to be independent, self-sufficient and the opportunity to work and pursue their careers

Empowering the People
1. Transparency International commendation of Penang’s CAT governance in establishing integrity in governance
2. CAT governance employing prudent budgeting that saves cost of RM36 million in 2008 operating expenses
3. Open tenders that reduces wasteful spending and corrupt practices saving RM20 million yearly including reducing by 45% the cost of solid waste treatment
4. Anti-corruption measures such as RM10,000 Integrity Award that exposes corruption and a RM 10,000 Creativity And Innovation Award reducing/simplifying procedures that improve efficiency of government servants
5. Becoming the first green state in Malaysia through environmental protection programmes such as “No Plastic Mondays” to reduce plastic bag consumption, EM mudballs to clean rivers and drains and adoption of Green Building Index (GBI)
6. Cancelling BN crony projects such as the RM25 billion Penang Global City Centre (PGCC)
7. Succeeding in protecting, preserving and promoting Georgetown as UNESCO World Heritage Site by restricting the building height to 18 meters
8. Demonstrating our firm stand against oppressive laws that violate basic human rights by putting up the first “Say No To ISA” signboards in Malaysia.
9. Protecting diversity by increasing the allocation for Islamic affairs from BN’s RM 12.5 million in 2008 to more than RM 20 million under PR’s first budget in 2009 and ensuring religious places of worship for non-Muslims.
10. Installation of CCTVs and community policing to combat rising crime and protect public order

Enriching the people
1. Becoming the first state in Malaysia to wipe out hard-core poverty in Malaysia by ensuring that every family in Penang receives at least RM500 per month through our Partners Against Poverty (PAP) program
2. RM100 cash for all senior citizens above 60 years old to record our appreciation to their contribution from 8/3/2010
3. RM1,000 from 8/3/2010 to beneficiaries of senior citizens to foster a caring society that looks after aged parents
4. RM 3 million Microcredit loans (interest free) of a maximum RM5,000 to the poor to break the poverty cycle especially single mothers
5. RM100 water rebates per family in 2008-2009 to 170,000 low and middle income families totalling RM17 million to help distressed families
6. 50% water rebates to holy places of worship
7. RM10 million to set up Career Assistance & Training (CAT) centres that find jobs for retrenched workers
8. Cancelling all summons issued to hawkers and parking tickets before 8/3/2008
9. Reducing license fees for all hawkers and fishermen in Penang by 50% from 2010
10. Providing emergency aid within 24 hours to all disaster relief victims

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