Political Power Is All About Public Interests Above Private Benefit.

DAP Penang state leaders and members will not seek state awards of titles and medals in this year’s state honours list. Penang DAP will only recommend the state awards and medals to civil servants, NGOs and those actively contributing to society and not to DAP leaders and members who are active politically.

This internal DAP policy was instituted last year to highlight that serving the community is the basis of joining the DAP and not the expectation of rewards of titles or medals. To highlight the difference between DAP and other political parties especially BN, this policy by DAP will be continued to be applied this year. However those DAP members who are also active or serving as leaders in NGOs that serve the community can qualify if they are recommended by NGOs on their basis of community service and not political involvement.

As Penang Chief Minister I wish to record my appreciation to Penang DAP State Chair Sdr Chow Kon Yeow for making this recommendation to the state government for this year’s Governor’s state awards. Clearly this selfless approach by DAP leaders and members conforms with DAP’s credo of public service of “Public Interests above Private Benefit”.

In the one year that DAP has been in the Penang state government, no DAP leaders have approached or harrassed me for state awards, medals or lobbied directly or indirectly to be made the YDP of MPPP or MPSP. I wish to records my gratitude to all DAP members and leaders for making this sacrifice again this year who has made not only the party but all our supporters proud; in realising DAP’s ideals, ideas and principles that political power is not about posts nor about medals/awards but about the placing of public interests over private benefit.

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