Intel Remains Committed To Penang

Intel is one of the many success stories in Penang where MNCs grew up in scale and standards. As one of the 7 samurai or seven pioneers MNC companies that first invested in Penang. We are proud of the tremendous success and remarkable technological contributions to the entire world. These are the companies which the Penang Government seeks to attract to Penang. The 8 effective characteristics of Companies that Penang looks lit for are based on 8S of:

1) Standards and Brandings of Products
2) Service to consumers
3) Scalability to ensure economies of scale
4) Segmentation for diverse range of products
5) Security to ensure safe usage
6) Schedule adherence
7) Sustainable to ensure resources used today are still available to be used tomorrow
8) Corporate Social Responsibility

Penang’s ability to attract these quality investments which fulfill the 8S has allowed Penang to be known as the Silicon Valley of the East. Our challenge now is to transform Penang into the software capital of the Malaysia. The way forward is to transform Penang from a sweatshop to a smartshop. For that reason to provide the facilities and amenities, Penang has launched an initiative to be the first WIFI state in Malaysia which will be provided free of charge and WIMAX at affordable rates.

As the global economy uncertainties continue to unfold, I will like to reaffirm Penang’s commitment in attracting local and foreign investments. Penang’s success in attracting RM10.2Billion in investment in 2008 reinforces the success factors of good governance based on CAT, human resources development base, logistics hub and supply chain. The Penang State Government wishes to thank the management of Intel for their continuous confidence. Intel has given their assurance to me in several meetings with top executives from overseas of their commitment to Penang, unlike the closure of their plants in other part of the world, there are no such plan in Penang Intel is only transferring 1,000 odd workers to their Kulim plant whilst retaining and continuing operation in Penang. In fact Intel would continue to enhance and upgrade their high-tech operation in Penang ensuring Penang retains as its status as one of the key cutting edge Intel Campus in the world.

To move forward, after the successes last year, the Penang State Government 2009 will be an interesting but challenging year and the Penang State Government has embarked into the following 4 key focus areas in attracting foreign investments this year in :
1. K-Economy – This effort allows Knowledge based companies the opportunity to provide specific services or solutions that will help their customers to be more competitive especially it involves the knowledge based industries such as Information Technology
2. 3 Key High Growth Clusters – High tech, Biotechnology and Green technology
3. Promoting Halal Hub in Penang
4. Promoting Professional Shared Services in Penang

We hope these focus areas will be the foundation of better things to come when the economy bounces back as well as creating the necessary jobs and business opportunities for all. Intel has even expressed their willingness to any potential investors to witness Intel campus in operation to prove their commitment to Penang.

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