The Penang State Government condemns Israeli aggression on Palestinians

The Penang State Government condemns the barbaric bombing and attack of UN compounds, offices and destruction of food and medical relief supplies by the Israeli government. Such naked aggression has highlighted the nature of the Israeli’s army as no different from the very terrorists they condemn.

The Penang State Government wishes to reaffirm our state’s policy of maintaining our investor friendly policies and sound relationship with all the Multinational Companies (MNCs) in the state, especially those from USA. We value such investments which have benefited both parties in the form of profits and employment opportunities.

The recent presence of the Penang Chief Minister of Penang at the demonstration at Kapitan Keling Mosque is to reaffirm the state government’s stand against the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian in Gaza. Also, the state government hopes that the American government will not continue to give blind support to the Israeli Government to oppress the Palestinians and will use its influence to get Israel to comply the UN Security Council resolution of a immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza.

In condemning the American government’s complicity in asserting Israeli aggression, the Penang state government stresses that we are not against the American people. There are Americans who are opposed to the Israeli aggression and the American Government’s foreign policies under George Bush. Dissatisfaction with such policies has resulted in Barak Obama winning the last Presidential Elections and Obama gives the hope to the world for a just , balanced and peaceful settlement of the Middle East crisis.

The Penang state government is not involved in any boycott of US goods or companies and have no intention of doing so. Any Malaysian who wishes to conduct any boycott of any products is within his rights, in consonant with democratic principles of right to choose or not to choose.

The Penang state government will continue to welcome all investors into Penang, including American companies. We repeat that the Penang state government has not endorsed any boycott of American made products whether or not they are manufactured in Penang.

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