Support Pakatan Rakyat National Agenda Of Fighting The Economic Recession

DAP urges all Malaysians, especially in Kuala Terengganu, to support Pakatan Rakyat national agenda of fighting the economic recession by having good governance, reducing the petrol price to RM 1.20 per liter and a RM 50 billion economic stimulus package. The Kuala Terengganu by-election will be a good indicator to gauge the people’s support, especially from the Malays, to determine the direction of the national agenda of having CAT governance based on competency, accountability and transparency to fight corruption. And that Malaysians must empower themselves to demand a government that is people-centric, democratic and ethical based on the principles of freedom, justice, truth, social welfare, and adherence to moral precepts.

Yesterday the price of oil dropped below USD 35 per barrel. When the price of oil was USD 35 per barrel on 01/10/2000, the price of petrol was 1.20 per liter. It is only fair that the government further reduce the price of petrol by 60 cents from the present RM 1.80 per liter to reflect the current market price.

The people should also support the RM 50 billion economic stimulus package proposed to save Malaysian jobs and businesses that Malaysians can see, touch and feel the difference comprising as follows:
1. RM 6,000 annual oil bonus to all families earning less than RM 6,000 a month or RM 3,000 annual bonus to bachelors earning less than RM 3,000 a month will cost RM 35 billion or a mere one-third of Petronas last year’s gross profits of RM 107 billion;
2. Progressive reduction of corporate tax rate from the present 25% to 17% which will cost RM 13 billion;
3. Daily revision of petrol prices to take into account of changes in the international price of oil;
4. Immediate reduction in gas prices as well as electricity tariffs, which was increased by 26% for businesses when the price of oil was USD 124 per barrel to reflect in the drop to around USD 50 per barrel; and
5. An additional RM 2 billion wireless project to make all the major towns and cities in Malaysia wifi so that as many Malaysians as possible can be connected to the Internet.

1 thought on “Support Pakatan Rakyat National Agenda Of Fighting The Economic Recession”

  1. Hi YAB Lim,

    I do hope to see more government spending as this will increase the overall Malaysia economy. But when government spending is huge, budget deficit will expand and the country credit rating will be adverse.

    I do agree if government spend the money wisely, this can bring a lot of prosperity to the country.

    When Crude Oil at the price of USD35 at 2000, our petrol price was RM1.20/litre, although the the crude oil at USD35 at current level, the cost of production may be higher, but of cause petrol price should not at RM1.80/litre.

    I fully support on CAT governance government.

    Have a nice day.


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