Penang Hill Train Resumes Service

Service of the Funicular train on the upper stretch of Penang Hill was stopped since 25 June 2008 due to protrusion of various wires from the cable. Protrusion of -wires was seen since 2008 and minor repairs were carried out by it was on 25 June 2008 that the cable supplier had advised total stop to the service and replacement of a new cable is necessary when more and more wires protruded.

The State Government has to find its own resources to replace the cable as the Federal Government was not funding the cost of this repair on the basis that upgrading work of RM40million has been approved. The State Government had hoped that the upgrading work by the Federal Government can be done quickly but when there was no indication of any progress, the state government had no choice but to repair at its own cost.

The absence of funding from the Federal Government and the various bureaucratic protocols impeded the earlier commencement of the train service. Turnkey quotations of RM1.463 million, RM1.32 million and RM920,000 were received for evaluation which would require 6 month to install.

However, through consultation with and assistance from the representatives of Penang Hill residents, NGOs, -volunteers and professionals, the State Government reviewed carefully the replacement proposals and awarded the contract to a local contractor at a quotation of less than RM700,000. What’s -more, the work was done in 2 months instead of 6 months as quoted by the previous 3 contractors.

This resulted in a huge savings of RM760,000 from the 1st quotation received by the State Government as well as time.

The replacement cable was purchased from Singapore but the wire was made in Germany and passed the SIRIM Test.

Penang Hill and its funicular train has always been the pride of the Pearl of the Orient – i.e. Penang and are well known throughout the world. The commencement of the funicular train would bring back the good old days of Penang Hill and allow tourist to enjoy not only the scenic beauty of Penang Hill but also appreciate the reason why the entire island of Penang is called the “Pearl of the Orient.”

4 thoughts on “Penang Hill Train Resumes Service”

  1. Dear YAB Lim,

    That is a good news, I appreciate your goodself disclosure. If YAB able to disclose the name of the contractor that is much appreciate. This is the right move toward Competent, Accountable & Transparent (CAT).

    When will the upgrading work will commencement? Have the Federal government sketch out any plan? By approved the upgrading work but no work been done, that equal to zero? Do they come out any gantt chart to schedule the project? When I am study in Uni, taking my professional paper, working & do my own business, I also need to project out my schedule. I think the government should have something like project evaluation and review technique(PERT) committee to schedule this project.

    Next time when I visit Penang and I will take the opportunity to visit Penang Hill and use the service of funicular train. If by the repairing the funicular train and have the funicular train still enough capacity to service the people, maybe the upgrading plan should be review, and use the RM40mil at others place, of course there is other issues that need to look into before making any decision.

    Thank you.


  2. Great work! Show those dang BN goons that even without their help you can still make things work and you are not a beggar like Gerakan.

  3. I met some Belgium traveler in Philippines who just came back from Penang. The first thing they told me when they knew I am a Penangite was ‘We love Penang so much, but the furnicular is still not working’.
    It make me pai seh.
    Well it is a good news that the service is resumed, and hopefully it is well-maintained and I wont have to answer others ‘aiya it is like that one la, luckily you are not stuck half way in the penang hill ar’.
    Thanks anyway


  4. Excellent. This is the goverment that we are looking for. No Corruption and ensure that our money is used wisely.We do not need someone to be feed before project was given out.

    Well done ! Keep it up…………..

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