Abdullah didesak supaya meluluskan peruntukan sebanyak RM10.26 Billion kepada negeri Pulau Pinang.

Saya sebagai Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang mendesak YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, Perdana Menteri Malaysia supaya meluluskan peruntukan sebanyak RM10.26 Billion kepada negeri Pulau Pinang sebelum menyerahkan jawatan Perdana Menteri kepada YAB Najib Tun Razak pada bulan Mac tahun depan.

Selepas menerima penamaan yang secukupnya dari UMNO, Najib Tun Razak menang tanpa bertanding sebagai Presiden UMNO yang seterusnya. Oleh yang demikian, saya berharap YAB Perdana Menteri sebagai anak watan Pulau Pinang dapat memberi sumbangan kepada rakyat jelata Pulau Pinang sebelum penyerahan tugas.

Saya telah menghantar surat rasmi kepada YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, Perdana Menteri Malaysia pada 26 Sept, 2008 yang lalu, bagi memohon peruntukan persekutuan sebanyak RM10.26 billion untuk 18 projek/ program kritikal di Pulau Pinang yang semuanya dirancang bagi menjamin kesejateraan rakyat. Kesemua projek adalah sebahagian yang dijanjikan di bawah RMKe-9.

Dalam surat rasmi sepanjang lima belas (15) muka surat tersebut, Saya telah menyenaraikan projek-projek yang memerlukan peruntukan tersebut, jumlah dan tujuan peruntukan serta maklumat terperinci bagi setiap projek tersebut.

Antara projek-projek yang disenaraikan dalam surat rasmi tersebut adalah seperti yang berikut:
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Speech during The Penang DAP State Ordinary Convention

Completing The Economic, Political And Ethical Transformation Of Penang Into An International City That Serves As An Enduring Symbol Of Hope And Optimism For The Nation – That Even During The Bleakest Of Times, People Have Faith In The Future.

We meet in a spirit of hope. For the first time in a generation, it is the BN that appears lost and disillusioned. From marginalised opposition parties, DAP have finally attained our objective of becoming a full partner in government with our allies PKR and PAS in Pakatan Rakyat.

Let me congratulate everyone of you, especially the members who worked tirelessly without any expectations of reward for making history possible. This people’s victory belongs to you. We have won the last general elections for three reasons:-
• Discipline and a shared purpose towards realising our vision of transforming Penang into a dynamic state that leads again based on public integrity, competency and an ethical leadership;
• Intellectual confidence in offering new ideas based on principles, innovations and sound logic; and
• A common purpose of realising a people-centric government that can win over detractors, fence-sitters and skeptics that we can rule as a democracy based on the principles of justice, freedom, truth, social welfare and universal values.

DAP has the ideas, ideals and imagination that has inspired the electorate to vote and gave us and Pakatan Rakyat a resounding 2/3 majority in the last general elections by winning 29 out of 40 seats with DAP winning all our seats and increasing from one to 19 state seats. Our ideas of civil liberties and political equality, ideals of socio-economic justice and equal opportunities and imagination of empowering all through democracy and integrity has captivated and inspired Malaysians especially the young.

In contrast BN, UMNO MCA and Gerakan suffer from AIDs – Acquired Intellectual Ideals, Ideas and Imagination Deficit syndrome. For the past 50 years BN has exploited racial extremism to win votes where only the ruling BN elites from UMNO, MCA and MIC dominate.

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A Testimony Of The Confidence Of Korean Investors In Penang’s Future

The US$ 100 Million Golf Course In Batu Kawan Is A Testimony Of The Confidence Of Korean Investors In Penang’s Future Despite The Global Financial Crisis And Belief In Our Commitment To Transforming Penang Into An International City.

The Penang state government welcomes the signing of the MOU between PDC and DK ENC to build a US$ 100 million golf course in Batu Kawan as a testimony of the confidence of Korean investors in Penang’s future in spite of the global financial crisis. By proceeding ahead with the golf project during such uncertain times, Korean investors have also signalled their belief in the new government’s commitment to transforming Penang into an international city.

To transform Penang into an international city, we want participation from all nationalities. We have investors from many countries. But we need to work harder to get more investors from some countries such as Korea, without which Penang can not claim to be a truly international city.

Korea has achieved tremendous success in growing its economy from a poor war-torn state to a developed nation. The success of Korea can be seen by its per capita GNP of only US$130 as compared to Malaysia’s US$350 in 1966. Korea’s GNP per capita is now more than US$18,000 as compared to Malaysia’s US$6,000/-. From almost three times better off than Korea 42 years ago, Malaysia is now three times worse than Korea.

The remarkable economic success of Korea was achieved without any natural resources such as oil and commodities, except for its people. There is much to learn from the success of Korea’s economic transformation based on a culture of excellence, a strong work ethic, openness to new ideas and mastery of technology.

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