The PR state government will not bow to threats from BN Penang to sue the state government for exposing their scandals (en/cn)

BN Penang & Teng Hock Nan’s 3 Lies That The Penang PR State Government Had Approved Berjaya Development Plans For Penang Hill Will Not Stop The Printing Of Pamphlets To Expose BN’s Refusal To Come Clean On The RM40 Million Tang Hak Ju Land Scam, RM30 Million Pulau Jerejak Scandal And MPSP RM230 Million Loss Scandal.

BN Penang & Teng Hock Nan’s 3 lies that the Penang PR state government had approved Berjaya Development Corp’s plans for Penang Hill will not stop the printing of pamphlets to expose BN’s refusal to come clean on the RM40 million Tang Hak Ju land scams, RM30 million Pulau Jerejak scandal and Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai(MPSP) RM 230 million loss scandal. This public campaign will also exert pressure on BN to return as much as possible of the money lost to the people of Penang.

Instead of expressing remorse over such loss of public funds, BN has continued to brazenly lie about the Penang state government secretly approving Berjaya’s development plans for Penang Hill. BN dares to continue lying because no action has been taken by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission(MACC) despite the state government lodging a report on the RM40 million Tang Hak Ju land scam.

In fact Teng Hock Nan had made 3 lies on the development of Penang Hill issue. The first lie is when Teng publicly called for a people’s uprising on 26 August 2011 against the Penang PR state government’s revival of Berjaya’s original plans to develop Penang Hill. When challenged to show proof that such approval had been given to Berjaya, Teng made a 180 degree U-turn by lying on 29 August 2011 that he never made this claim. There is now a third newest lie by Teng that I had held secret meetings with Berjaya on reviving their original plans for the development of Penang Hill.

I wish to reiterate that the Penang state government had never approved any project from Berjaya Corp to develop Penang Hill. Berjaya had not even sent any proposal to develop Penang Hill to the present state government. All projects on Penang Hill are carried out individually under open tender. Neither has the Berjaya group even bid for any of the 3 development projects carried out by open public tender, namely Craig Hotel, the hawker complex and the canopy walk.

Penang PR state government will not be distracted by such baseless accusations and lies but will instead press for BN to come clean on BN’s RM300 million scandals on land scams, Pulau Jerejak and loss of MPSP funds. It is clear that BN has no answer to PR anti-corruption stance, CAT governance and open tenders which has even earned Penang praise from Transparency International and The Economist, the first time this has happened in Peanng’s history.

The PR state government will not bow to threats from BN Penang to sue the state government for exposing their scandals but will go for a public phampleting campaign to ask BN to come clean and return as much money as possible of the money lost to the people of Penang.

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 4.9.2011.

——– Mandarin Translation ——–

槟州首席部长林冠英于2011年9月4日在乔治市发表声明 :




我要重申,槟州政府从来没有批准过成功集团在升旗山进行任何计划。成功集团也从来没有提呈任何升旗山发展计划书给当今的槟州政府。所有升旗山的发展项目都 是通过公开招标进行的。成功集团根本没有参与下列三个项目的公开竞标,它们是Crag Hotel, 综合小贩中心和天蓬走道。




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