Without Addressing The Global 1MDB Scandal And The RM4.2 Billion Donation Scandal, What Other Anti-Corruption Measures In The 2017 Budget Can Help Achieve The Targetted Transparency International (TI) Ranking Of No. 30 By The Year 2020 From The Current Ranking Of 54 In 2015?(e/c)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 22.9.2016.

The BN Federal government had set the target of No.30 by the year 2020 in the Transparency International’s World Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). Without addressing the global 1MDB scandal and the RM4.2 billion donation scandal, what other anti-corruption measures in the 2017 Budget can help achieve the targetted Transparency International (TI) Rankings of No. 30 by the year 2020 from the current ranking of 54 in 2015?

For 2015, Malaysia dropped four places to No. 54 in the survey of the CPI of 168 nations, with Malaysia’s score declining from 52/100 to 50/100. TI Malaysia has said that Malaysia’s CPI ranking would have slid even further to 59 as nations such as Barbados, Panama, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, St Vincent and Puerto Rico were not covered last year.

In contrast, TI Malaysia also said that Thailand and Indonesia made significant progress in fighting corruption, with Thailand improving by 9 spots whilst Indonesia improved by 19 spots in 2015. TI is correct that there is a correlation between CPI and economic growth. The top 5 least corrupt countries in the world share features of good governance and a high standard of integrity in public service, openness in government contracts, effective legal systems, law on access to information, independence of anti-graft agencies.

Clearly, Malaysia’s rankings dropped, whilst Thailand and Indonesia improved because of the 1MDB scandal. What is more alarming is that the 2015 TI rankings did not take into account the historic action of the US Department of Justice(DOJ) this year, to forfeit and recover USD1 billion of assets stolen by officials of 1MDB. Described by US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch, as the largest single action ever brought under the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, she said that this USD1 billion is only part of the USD3 billion stolen from Malaysian taxpayers.

If the DOJ action was factored in, the TI’s CPI rankings for Malaysia is likely to drop even further. For this reason, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak must set forth anti-corruption measures in his 2017 Budget or else publicly abandon the Federal government’s target of No. 30 TI ranking by 2020 – which would be so ridiculous that it would be considered as a sick joke!


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很明显地,在泰国和印尼的反贪工作进步之际,马来西亚的排名下滑,这可以归咎于一马公司丑闻。最让人警惕的是,2015年国际透明组织并还没有考虑美国司法部的历史性举动— 充公及扣押一马公司官员所盗取的价值10亿美元的资产。根据美国司法部长林奇的形容说,被充公的10亿美元资产只是马来西亚纳税人被盗走的30亿美元的一部分。