MCA Should Oppose The Proposed Constituency Redelineation Exercise In Cabinet, Parliament And The Courts As Well As Call For A Ban Of All Racially-Based Parties To Prove They Are Not Liars, Unprincipled And Hypocrites.(e/c)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 21.9.2016.

Is MCA President Liow Tiong Lai telling the truth when he says that MCA will oppose the proposed constituency redelineation exercise by Election Commission(EC). MCA should oppose the proposed constituency redelineation exercise in Cabinet, Parliament and the courts as well as call for a ban of all racially-based parties to prove they are not liars, unprincipled and hypocrites.

MCA claimed that the EC will further divide the races and promote racial extremism because the minority lose their political rights while the majority will dominate the voting process and the direction of the country. The crucial question remains whether MCA dares to sacrifice their Ministerial posts to leave BN to uphold this principle. The answer is that for the past 60 years MCA has continued to disappoint by persistently abandoning its principles for positions in office.

Liow had agreed with DAP that the Tony Pua’s parliamentary seat of PJ Utara will see an increase of voters from 80,000 to 150,000, a violation of the democratic principle of “one-person, one-vote”. Liow also agreed that the gerrymandering in favour of UMNO will result in the Lumut rising from the present 50 percent of Malay voters in Lumut will increase to 71 percent.

If MCA is so intent in opposing racial extremism, why are they a racially based party themselves serving only Chinese themselves and supporting other racially-based parties such as UMNO and MIC? The time has come to require all political parties to open its doors to all Malaysians and not discriminate.

Unfortunately, EC is perpetuating this racial divide. This is nothing new and has been going on for the last 60 years. The difference is that the EC has adopted gerrymandering to unimaginable levels or depths. MCA has to take full responsibility for supporting BN and UMNO in carrying out this national policy of “divide and rule”.

If MCA dares not oppose this latest redelineation exercise in Cabinet nor leave BN, then they are only repeating their political stunt of opposing UMNO’s support for the unconstitutional “hudud-like” parliamentary bills in the press but yet willing to work with UMNO in Cabinet.



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