Penang Merdeka Message(e/c)

Penang Merdeka Message By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 30.8.2016.

Renewing the Meaning Of Merdeka As A Struggle For Truth, Justice And Freedom By Rejecting All Forms Of Political Dominance That Exploits Racial and Religious Hatred.

As Malaysians celebrate our 59th Merdeka Anniversary, Penangites must not forget to renew the meaning of Merdeka as a struggle for truth, justice and freedom by rejecting all forms of political dominance that exploits racial and religious hatred.

Three recent statements highlights the extent of lies made by BN leaders against Penang. One the claim by the Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya that the Penang state government is planning to build a LRT into the George Town heritage enclave, thereby putting at risk the status of our UNESCO World Heritage status. Dr Hilmi urged that only trams be built in the heritage enclave with the LRT built outside it.

The truth is that the proposed LRT is to be built outside the heritage enclave with trams proposed inside. And yet there is no apology from Dr Hilmi, who continues to perpetuate this blatant lie to run down the image of the state government.

This is followed by Minister in the Prime Minister Department Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan outrageous lies that the state government had sold RM40 billion worth of government land. If that is true, this would have been reflected in our state government financial accounts audited by the Auditor-General(AG). The AG had repeatedly praised Penang as one of the best financially-managed state governments in Malaysia. In the AG’s annual reports, there is no RM40 billion proceeds from the land sales.

Finally Gerakan made a baseless personal attack against DAP Sungai Pinang Assemblywoman Lim Siew Khim by insinuating that low-cost houses can be obtained from the state government through the payment of bribes. None of those who allegedly paid bribes got any low-cost houses. This proves that the state government’s system of allocating low-cost houses is corruption-proof and offered only to those deserving.

We must continue to fight for truth, if we are to preserve our freedom and defend justice. The truth is that Penang has changed for the better as compared to 2008. Penang will continue to strive to be an entrepreneurial and welfare state to bring both prosperity and progress to all regardless of race, religion, background or political beliefs. Only then can Penang be an international and intelligent city that is clean, green, safe and healthy.