Open Letter to Malaysians By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng(e/c)

Open Letter to Malaysians By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 28.7.2016.

A Fresh Mandate For A New Malaysia – An Entrepreneurial And Welfare State.

The proposed early general election for Penang is not intended to save Lim Guan Eng from trumped up corruption charges. Lim Guan Eng can not be saved politically. However it is clear that Malaysia and Penang can still be saved from BN’s dirty political manipulation to undermine the people’s yearning for change for a clean Malaysia, that is free from the massive corruption evident in the 1MDB scandal.

BN will not stop at their political conspiracy to character assassinate me that I abused my power to benefit Ms Phang, who sold her 30 year house to me. The truth that she made a profit and not a loss from selling her house to me, is overlooked. The fact that she has no direct business dealings and did not benefit from the state government is ignored – her land is still zoned as agricultural and could not be rezoned as housing, after the local government council rejected her application.

If it is not the two trumped up charges against me that did not involve a single cent of public funds, there would be other fictitious allegations. Again, powers are abused to conduct exhaustive investigations on the Penang state government’s public works projects that practices open bidding and competitive tenders whilst ignoring BN’s failure to practice open competitive tenders. Of course no action is taken against 1MDB for robbing Malaysians blind!

BN’s determination to finish me off by hook or by crook, is matched by our determination not to permit BN to undermine the people’s centric Pakatan government in Penang and escape punishment for the massive 1MDB scandal. My colleagues and I are determined to ensure the continued survival of the Penang Pakatan government and the people’s will, regardless whether I finally survive or not. Should my political victimisation by BN help to wake up the people from their political lethargy, I am willing to be that catalyst.

Penang Leads

This is the reason why we ask for a fresh mandate from the people of Penang. The proposed state general election is not just about being against the trumped up corruption charges against me. It is about the people of Penang deciding on endorsing the clean Pakatan government over the corrupt BN administration. It is about protecting and preserving the positive changes Pakatan has brought to Penang, that is now cleaner, greener, safer and healthier.

It is about the people of Penang taking the lead to condemn BN for establishing 1MDB that allowed the Prime Minister’s step-son Riza Shahriz bin Abdul Aziz, Jho Low and his family to steal and defraud Malaysians of US$3.5 billion(RM13 billion)! It is also about Malaysians’ yearning for change to a clean and new Malaysia – an entrepreneurial and welfare state.

Despite lacking natural resources and bereft of federal government funding, Penang has managed to prosper by relying on good and clean governance, building our human talent and relying on the private sector and civil society in a framework of Public Private Partnership(PPP). With the state government provide either the seed money or funding the entire project/initiative, we invite the private sector to invest either in funds or expertise on sustainable development.

Despite being publicly funded, many of these projects/initiatives are run by the private sector or civil society, with minimal or no interference from the state government. The RM20 million Penang Science Café project to give free classes to kids in applied science and robotics, the RM28 million Tech Dome of Penang to rekindle interest in science and technology, the RM 6 million German Dual Vocational Training scheme offering free 42-month advanced diploma courses where students learn on the job and work at factories that is recognised even in Germany, the new RM3 million Penang Digital library, the building of a RM1 billion fish farming on the sea industry out of nothing in 2008, and even the annual George Town Festival showcases the successes of Penang’s entrepreneurial state model.

Penang is also a welfare state in not forgetting about the poor and disadvantaged. Since 2008, more than RM400 million has been paid out to schools, senior citizens, new born babies, single mothers, the disabled, housewives, taxi drivers, fishermen, trishaw riders, primary, secondary and university students. We devote 12% of our budget annually in cash aid and even guarantee a minimum monthly household income of RM790 by topping up the income of those who earn less than RM790. In other words, if your monthly household income is RM600 per month, the state will pay RM190 every month. Perhaps this is why Penang’s Gini coefficient of income inequality has been reduced from 0.42 in 2009 to 0.364 in 2014, an improvement of 13% over 5 years, as compared to the national average of 0.401.

The entrepreneurial and welfare state is only possible because we record annual budget surpluses through clean administration. Penang’s CAT administration of Competency, Accountability and Transparency has allowed our reserves to increase from RM850 million to nearly RM1.6 billion in 8 years. Penang’s government debt has been reduced by 90% to only RM69 million – the lowest in Malaysia. Further Penang’s unemployment rate of 1.5% offers many job opportunities.


We believe that Malaysians prefer a democracy to an autocracy and never a kleptocracy. At no time did the people vote for a government of thieves, a kleptocracy where government leaders steal public funds or natural resources from the people to enrich themselves.

In its court action filed under laws relating to USA’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative (“KARI”), the United States(US) Department of Justice has sought the seizure of valuable assets of up to USD1 billion owned by various individuals alleged to have been purchased from monies “stolen” from 1MDB. The US Attorney-General said that the US1 billion assets is only part of the total US 3.5 billion or RM13 billion stolen by 1MDB from the people. The rationale of KARI is to prevent corrupt leaders in foreign countries practising kleptocracy, from enjoying the fruits of their corrupt acts by committing money laundering in US.

In contrast to BN turning Malaysia into the largest kleptocracy in US history, the Pakatan state government is proud of turning Penang into a model state of integrity, accountability and transparency. Penang achieved the distinction of being the only government in Malaysian history to becommended by Transparency International for adopting an open competitive tender system. The annual Auditor-General Report has also praised Penang for the best financially managed state administration in the country. And yet Penang has been subjected to repeated corruption investigations into our public projects granted by open tender.

Penang can fire the first salvo to save Malaysia from kleptocracy. There are those who said that DAP should just dissolve the Penang state Assembly on our own to mirror PKR’s unilateral Kajang move to change the Selangor Menteri Besar with a sudden by-election. I do not agree.

Unlike BN’s kleptokrats, DAP leaders are democrats. DAP will not make an unilateral decision to call for an early general election but will try to seek a consensus amongst all 3 parties in Pakatan Harapan. Despite being unfairly criticised, we will hold on to keeping our word and display trustworthiness as a basis towards forging a strong coalition.

Despite justifying the need for an early state election, there will continue to be those who miss the wood from the trees by insisting that a Pakatan victory will not rid Malaysia of the 1MDB scandal. This displays both a lack of faith in the decency and righteousness of Malaysians as well as underestimates the power of the people to effect change by rejecting wholesale robbery by BN in the 1MDB scandal.

Keeping The Future Safe For Our Young

I still remember asking Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, whether the Kajang move was worth it, when he received criticisms from his friends in the civil society, reiterated that change even though painful and risky was necessary if it brings about good in the long run.

Yes, we all run the risk of losing seats to the machinations of BN. However, we must have faith in Penangites. We must not lose faith in the people’s innate goodness to choose right over wrong, good over evil and a clean government over a corrupt government. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans and Ibans encounter the same problems and share the same dreams as Malaysians, all linked directly to the economic problems brought about by the 1MDB scandal.

The depreciation in the ringgit, the imposition of GST, loss of business and the difficulty of finding high-income employment are all related to the 1MDB scandal. Are we to be forever imprisoned by our fears that the politics of hate over race and religion will be exploited to cover up the 1MDB scandal and distract attention from BN’s gross abuse of power and injustice? If so, how can the political situation be better and more favourable to Pakatan 2 years later, when general elections are held and anger over 1MDB has slowly dissipated?

Yes, we must avoid three corner fights but is there any assurance of a one-to-one contest against BN, 2 years from now? Pakatan must have faith in the people to rise up to the occasion to save the country from BN. Malaysia is spiralling down a dangerous path when Umno Youth lodged a police report against former Bank Negara governor Zeti Akthar Aziz, outgoing Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Abu Kasim Mohamed and former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail for being involved in a conspiracy to topple Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and the Malaysian government. Umno Youth vice-chief Khairul Azwan Harun even accused the three of providing confidential information to foreign agencies without authorisation, including the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

When will this madness end, where the innocent whistle-blowers are persecuted whilst the corrupt who stole billions of ringgit from ordinary Malaysians escape unpunished? Political parties can only do so much, it is ordinary Malaysians that possess the power to effect change.

Let Penang be the first state to lead the change. We must boldly lead the charge for reform and freedom from corruption and injustice even at the cost of losing seats or our votes. For the terrifying alternative, is to lose the hopes and future of our next generation. Our present generation have suffered enough by letting BN steal our future. Let us not allow BN to steal the future of the next generation. We believe that Penang and Malaysia can be saved, and that Penangites will support Pakatan to keep the future safe for our young.



为一个全新的马来西亚寻求一个全新的委托 – 打造一个创业及福利州







这场州选,是关于槟城首先站出来、谴责国阵设立一马公司,纵容首相的继子里扎沙里、刘特佐及他的家庭,盗取及骗取马来西亚人民35亿美元(约130亿令吉)!这也是为一个全新的马来西亚寻求一个全新的委托 – 打造一个创业及福利州。







美国在追回盗窃资产行动组(Department of Justice’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative)入秉的法庭案件中,司法部充公了总值10亿美元、由不同人士利用一马公司“盗取”金钱购买的产业。美国总检察长说,上述10亿美元的资产,只是一马公司从人民身上盗取的35亿美元或130亿令吉的一部分。追回盗窃资产行动组的理论是为了阻止贪官在外国利用盗贼统治偷来的钱,在美国洗黑钱、享受贪污带来的荣华富贵。










让槟城成为首个领导变革的州属。我们要大胆打头阵作出改革,以让我们摆脱贪污及不公正– 即使我们可能面对失去议席及选票的代价。更可怕的选择是我们失去下一代的希望和未来。我们这一代已经受够了。因为我们让国阵偷走了我们的未来。我们不能够再让国阵偷走我们下一代的未来。我们相信槟城及马来西亚是有得救的,我们也相信,槟城人会支持希望联盟,来许他们下一代一个美好的未来。