DAP deplores in the strongest possible terms the cruel and barbaric kidnapping of 4 Malaysians by suspected Filipina terrorists.(e/c)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 4.4.2016

DAP deplores in the strongest possible terms the cruel and barbaric kidnapping of four Malaysians from Sarawak by suspected Filipina terrorists. The four victims were kidnapped by eight armed men in the waters of Semporna while returning to Malaysia from the Philippines last night. Sabah has seen rising abductions since the Malaysian government faced an invasion by Sulu fighters in Lahad Datu in 2012.

The abduction is a tragic reminder to the victims’ families how unsafe Sabah and its waters is. Despite all the security measures imposed by the Federal government, hundreds of millions of ringgit spent and visits by Ministers, there is mounting public anger not just in Sabah but also throughout Malaysia how helpless, ineffective and impotent we are when facing the murderous Filipina terrorists. Sabahans and visitors will never feel safe and secure so long as the Malaysian government is unable to prevent such barbaric acts of abductions by these terrorists.

A government basic duty is to ensure public order and security. How long more must we wait before we stop seeing the sad and tragic abduction from continuing in Sabah? For this reason, DAP urges the Federal government to take all measures to secure the release of the four Malaysian victims. Even financial measures should not be discounted.
For the present moment, our thoughts are with the distraught families of the victims. No words can lessen their sorrow and fear for the safety of the victims. We can only pray for their safe return.




灾难般的绑架案让被绑受害者的家属震惊沙巴及其海域是如何不安全。当面对杀人无数的菲律宾恐怖分子,即使联邦政府作了安保措施、花了数亿令吉、部长亲自视察,但其效不彰,只能让沙巴人甚至全马来西亚人愤怒又无助。 如果大马政府仍然不能预防这些恐怖分子的野蛮绑架行为,沙巴人及到访沙巴者将很难再感到安全。