The Penang State government is gravely concerned about the three separate shooting incidents on the 1st day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Penang causing 1 death and 1 injury(en/cn)

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 9.8.2013.

The Penang State government is gravely concerned about the three separate shooting incidents on the 1st day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Penang causing 1 death and 1 injury. Whilst some of these shootings and casualties may be related to criminal gangland rivalry, 3 shootings in a day indicates a deteriorating crime situation that will place doubts on public safety.

This morning I have called up the Penang Chief Police Officer, who is still in Penang. He briefed me on the situation and that the Penang police are doing what they can to be on top of the situation.

The Penang state government is committed towards maintaining Penang’s hard-earned record of being one of the safest, if not the safest state in Malaysia. The Penang state government understands the shortages of manpower and lack of resources the police in Penang may face in fighting crime. For this reason, the Penang state government is willing to lend our resources to the police to jointly combat escalating crime.

Apart from establishing the Voluntary Patrol Teams(VTP) to conduct community policing on their own housing estates, flats and kampongs, the state government is actively installing CCTVs to marry manpower with technology. The Penang state government has directed that by the end of this year, the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) and Seberang Perai Municpal Council(MPSP) must install an additional 70 CCTVs and 55 CCTVs respectively. This is on top of the existing 60 CCTVs in MPPP and 44 CCTVs in MPSP. The additional 125 CCTVs will cost an additional RM 3 million.

To overcome the problem of insufficient number of police personnel to monitor the increased CCTVs round-the-clock, the Penang state government has offered to employ at its own expense staff to do the monitoring. This will allow uniformed personnel to perform their core duties of patrolling the streets to keep the public safe from crime.

The most effective crime prevention is through community policing and co-operation. Not only must the public offer information to the police, but they must also be willing to lodge police reports despite the inconvenience of doing so. This is necessary to ensure accurate records of crime incidents.

To demonstrate this commitment towards retaining Penang’s status as safe from crime, the Penang state government has modified our slogan of Penang Clean, Green, Healthy and Safe to Penang Safe, Clean, Green and Healthy.


槟州首席部长林冠英于2013年8月9日 在槟城乔治市光大发表的声明:

槟州政府严重关切在开斋节首天,槟城州内发生三宗枪击案,并造成一死一伤的事件。虽然有些类似的枪案及其伤者,或与刑事黑社会纷争有关,但是一天内一连发生3宗的枪案,显示犯罪活动的恶 化,也让人对公众安全产生质疑。

今天上午我与尚在槟城境内的槟州总警长电话联系,他大略向我汇报了相关的情况 ,并表示槟州警方正在竭尽全力,掌握情况。

槟州政府致力保住得来不易的“马来西亚最安全州属”的记录,或至少成为其中一个比较安全的州属。 槟州政府理解,槟城警方在对抗罪案时,面对人手短缺及资源短缺的问题。为此,槟州政府愿意出手相肋,借出我们的人力资源给警方,联手打击不断上升的罪案率。

除了设立自愿巡逻队 (VTP) 以在住宅区、组屋及柑榜展开巡逻工作,州政府也结合人力与科技,正积极地安装闭路电视。槟州政府经已指示槟岛及威省两个地方政府,需在今年年杪,分别安装额外70及55个闭路电视。这是在现有在槟岛的60个闭路电视及威省现有的44个闭路电视后,额外增设的。增设的125个闭路电视将耗资300万令吉。