Department of Occupational Health and Safety(DOSH) Must Conduct A Speedy Conclusion To The Collapse Of The Penang UMNO Building Tower By Next Week Similar That Of The Ramp Of The Penang 2nd Bridge Caused By Contractor’s Negligence.(en/cn)

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 9.7.2013.

DOSH must conduct a speedy conclusion by next week to the collapse of the Penang UMNO building tower, which caused 2 deaths similar to the ramp of the Penang 2nd Bridge caused by contractor’s negligence which resulted in the loss of one life. DOSH Director general Datuk Dr Johari Basri said last week that DOSH’s investigations into the collapse of the second Penang Bridge ramp has indicated “shortcomings” due to negligence by the contractor, involving both “procedural and technical” aspects.

He even said that DOSH is preparing to file charges and are discussing it with the public prosecutor to get consent. MPPP had issued a stop-work order over the entire span of the 2nd Bridge, estimated to cost RM 3 billion with a total length of 24 km, until a full safety audit has been conducted to ensure that it is not in danger of collapse.

Until the stop work order is lifted and the all clear given as to structural safety and stability, the Penang state government will not authorise permits for any events or activities to be held on the 2nd Penang Bridge. The Penang International Bridge Marathon in November this year, which was slated to be held for the first time on the 2nd Penang Bridge, will be moved back to the 1st Penang Bridge.

I have been informed that DOSH is also conducting a similar inquiry into the collapse of the Penang UMNO tower building that happened exactly one week after the collapse of the ramp of the Penang 2nd Bridge. As there is only a one week difference between both tragedies, DOSH should be able to complete investigations into the cause of the collapse of the UMNO Building tower by next week.

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职业健康及安全局(DOSH)必须在下星期针对导致两人死亡的槟州巫统大厦结构坍塌做出总结报告,就像导致1 人死亡的槟城第二大桥引桥坍塌是由于承包商疏忽所导致。职业健康及安全局总监拿督佐哈里巴斯里上星期指出,该局针对槟城第二大桥高架公路的调查得出结论,指出承包商犯下程序和技术层面的疏忽。