Restoring Sabah’s Dignity (en/cn)

Press Statement / Press Highlight by SG DAP Malaysia Lim Guan Eng in Press Conference at DAP Sabah HQ KK on 22 Apr 2013:

Restoring Sabah’s Dignity

Corruption is the biggest problem in Sabah. We will run a clean government that has open public declaration of assets and open competitive tenders.

10 key points in bringing a brighter future for Sabah
1) RM 1Billion Sabah Native Trust Fund to uplift economic development of Sabah bumiputras
2) Poverty eradication in 5 years at the end of 1st term
3) FREE WIFI in all public places
4) Abolish cabotage policy to ensure uniform and fair price throughout Malaysia
5) Increase oil revenue dividend from 5% to 20%
6) People’s land policy that respects NCR land and to ensure land can be given to Sabahans individually and sold to corporations by open competitive tender
7) Forming a voluntary community patrol units (VPU) or Pasukan Peronda Sukarela (PPS) , install street lights & CCTV, increase police personnel by 100% to fight crime.
8) Set up local Sabah TV and radio station controlled by Sabahans and build the Pan Borneo Highway from Kudat to Kuching.
9) Set up a non-Muslim Religious Affairs Ministerial portfolio to look after financial needs and issues of Non-Muslims and yearly allocations to Chinese, missionary schools and religious schools
10) Ensure power of commercial licensing of taxis and commercial vehicles are returned to Sabah and public transport like monorail, be decided by the Sabah state government

Lim Guan Eng

—-Mandarin Version —

1) 成立10亿令吉沙巴土著信托基金,提升沙巴土著的经济发展
2) 在执政后五年内扫除贫穷
3) 在所有公共场所提供免费WIFI
4) 废除海运政策确保全马物价公平统一
5) 增加石油税收利 息5%-20%
6) 人民土地政策尊重传统习俗,确保土地可以由个人拥有,在公开竞争招标的情况下出售给大公司
7) 成立自愿社区巡逻队,按装街灯及闭路电视,增加警员100%,打击罪案
8) 成立沙巴本身的电视台及沙巴人拥有的电台,兴建从古达-古晋的高速公路。
9) 成立非穆斯林事务部长职务,负责照顾非穆斯林的拨款及问题,同时,每年制度化拨款给华小、教会学校及宗教学校。
10) 确保将发出德士、商业用车、公共交通商业执照的主权归还给沙巴州政府。


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