Fear Of Open Scrutiny Of The Electoral Process With The Detention And Deportation Of An Australian Senator And Fear Of DAP With The Shameless Lie By The Home Minister That DAP Failed To Submit Annual Returns On Time Proves That The 13th General Elections Will Be The Dirtiest In History.(en/cn)

Press Statement by DAP Secretary-General and MP for Bagan Lim Guan Eng in Kuala Lumpur on 18.2.2013.

Malaysia has been cast into the international spotlight once again following the disgraceful and unacceptable act of the Malaysian Immigration authorities in detaining and then deporting Australian Senator Nick Xenophon because Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn said Xenohphon was a threat to the community. Malaysians fail to understand how the Senator could be such a threat to the community until listed as an enemy of the state but no such immediate action was taken against the armed Filipino group from Sulu group who “invaded” Sabah.

Fear of open scrutiny of the electoral process with the detention and deportation of an Australian Senator and fear of DAP with the shameless lie by the Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn that DAP failed to submit annual returns on time proves that the 13th general elections will be the dirtiest in history. Not only has Hishamudin abused his powers through the Immigration Department, he is also doing the same by lying that DAP had not submitted our annual returns on time.

By treating Senator Xenophon like a prohibited immigrant and deporting him because Xenophon criticized the BN Federal government and the biased conduct of the Election Commission proves that BN will abuse government machinery to win the next general elections by hook or by crook.

To make matters worse, it would appear that the Election Commission has openly endorsed the detention and deportation of Senator Xenophon, when its deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said it would be unjust to use Xenophon’s expulsion to judge the fairness of the 13th general election.

Simply put, if there is nothing to hide, then why is there a fear of open scrutiny? The only reason why the Government would be afraid to allow international observers and open scrutiny during the next General Election is because they intend to cheat.

Further by threatening to deregister DAP on the flimsiest of pretext based on a lie, Hishamudin is “loading the dice” to ensure victory for BN by not allowing DAP to contest at the next general elections. Registrar of Societies Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman is made to be the fall guy for the Minister’s lies by stating that it was based on information that was not updated and had “led to confusion”.

Even though Datuk Abdul Rahman had apologized, this is not acceptable as it is Hishamuddin that should apologise, as the Minister had threatened the DAP. By involving both Immigration and the Registrar of Societies in Hishamudin’s games of political victimization, is indeed the clearest proof yet that the next General Election is going to be the dirtiest in history.

Lim Guan Eng

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如果没有做亏心事, 为什么害怕公开审查?政府害怕国际观察者在来届大选公开审查选举过程的唯一理由是,他们存心欺骗。




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