Respect for Diversity, Public Integrity And Rule of Law Is Not The Problem But The Solution Towards Realising Malaysia’s Aspirations of A Peaceful and Prosperous Developed Nation.(en/cn)

DAP Chinese New Year Message By DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 11.2.2013.

The Year of the Snake will be a challenging year as it will also be a general election year that will determine not only the course of our children’s future but also the nation’s destiny. However this gives Malaysians the rare opportunity to signal clearly that respect for diversity, public integrity and rule of law is not the problem but the solution towards realising Malaysia’s aspirations of a peaceful and prosperous developed nation.

As Malaysians embrace the K-pop culture and national leaders indulge their love for PSY, we must remember that South Korea’s success is tied to these values and solution. For this reason, Malaysians must make their choice based on which party maintains consistent principles, offer people-centric policies and is competent in delivering performance.

No longer shall Malaysians submit, but will stand up to condemn the use of racist and derogatory remarks by UMNO leaders towards minority communities. The habitual racist remarks by UMNO leaders are individually repulsive but what is most deplorable, when these attitudes are held by those in government.

DAP believes that Malaysians will reject former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s call that BN be returned with a 2/3 majority so that the Federal Constitution can be amended to strip off the citizenship of dissenting Malaysian lawyers such as Bersih co-Chair Datuk S. Ambiga. Previously UMNO MPs had asked for Datuk Ambiga to be hanged for organizing the Bersih rallies.

When the UMNO-backed Perkasa made the incendiary call to burn the Bible, Muslim and Malays stood up together with non-Muslims to condemn such irresponsible acts. Some Muslims even publicly read passages from the Bible to show their solidarity and respect for other faiths.

The challenges for the Chinese community are inextricably intertwined with those faced by all Malaysians. The problems of Chinese education whether lack of funding or non-recognition of Unified Examination Certificates, lack of equal opportunities and erosion of political rights must be resolved together with those faced by other communities. Our goals of a fairer, freer, cleaner, safer and prosperous society can not be advanced if another community suffers and injustice.

Just as we must not ignore but accept our differences, we must also not dismiss but respect our diversity. Regardless of what gods we pray, we are all created differently. It is these differences that we are one – one human race.

Similarly Malaysia achieved Merdeka with full recognition of our differences and diversity. It is the recognition and acceptance of these differences by Tunku Abdul Rahman that makes Malaysia one nation. Let us reaffirm our commitment towards a Merdeka united by common values of justice, democracy and freedom regardless of race, religion and background.

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