If the Kelantan PAS Government Fails To Act Against Errant Municipal Council Saboteurs Who Issue Summonses Against Non-Muslim Couples For Indecent Behaviour, This Will Adversely Undermine PR’s Message Of Respect For Freedom Of Religion And Damage Existing Co-operation Within PR.

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General and MP for Bagan Lim Guan Eng in Kuala Lumpur on 8.12.2012.

DAP expresses concern at reports that four non-Muslims in Kota Baru were issued with a summons by municipal enforcement officers for indecent behaviour. Of the four, two were men watching planes land at night at the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, whilst the other two were a young couple in a park in the middle of the day.

Even though the summonses were for “indecent behaviour”, political opponents of PR and the media has twisted it into a summons for khalwat and trying to impose Islamic laws on non-Muslims. If the Kelantan PAS government fails to act against errant municipal council saboteurs who issue summonses against non-Muslim couples for indecent behaviour, this will adversely undermine PR’s message of respect for freedom of religion and damage existing co-operation within PR.

National PAS Supporters Congress chairman Hu Pang Chaw said the male victims had complained to him that the officers had even sought RM500 from the duo “to settle the matter”. Clearly the municipal officers were abusing their powers and urgent action is required to clear the good name of the Kelantan state government of being clean and free from corruption as well as allay concerns that non-Muslim rights are not respected by forcible imposition of Islamic laws.

I have communicated these concerns to PAS Secretary-General Datuk Mustafa Ali who has promised to liaise and resolve the matter. I told Datuk Mustapa Ali of the need to look at the matter seriously to prevent jeorpardising mutual trust and the strong ties within PR. I have also directed DAP MP for Bukit Bendera Liew Chin Tong to communicate with the PAS leadership on an immediate resolution on issues which relate to allegations of non-Muslims being subjected to Islamic laws.


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