Police Must Take Immediate Action To Arrest The Worsening Situation And Recent Spate Of Violent Intimidation Against Civil Society Leaders.(en/cn)

Yesterday, a group of thugs attacked the house of political analyst Dr Ong Kian Ming, though they failed to get in despite breaking the front gate. Dr Ong, who was home at the time, witnessed the incident in which the thugs stopped their car in front of his house, broke his automatic gate and tried to break his front door, even though they clearly saw that he was inside. After failing to break the front door, one of them waved a finger at him as if to warn him before hitting the bonnet of his car.

Dr Ong believes that the attacks could be politically-motivated and possibly related to his recent criticisms and exposés against Pemandu and certain MCA leaders, or even his involvement as a speaker in the on-going Bersih roadshow that is taking place in different states.

Coincidentally, this incident follows the recent attack on another Bersih activist Dr Wong Chin Huat. Dr Wong, who is a member of the Bersih 2.0 steering committee, was left bloodied after being beaten while jogging in Petaling Jaya.

What is our country coming to when violent intimidation tactics are used against those who are seen as apparent threats to the regime? Is there no longer any safety and security for those who are merely speaking up for truth and justice?

Whilst we support the vigilant action of the police who were quick to take stern action against the two armed intruders who broke into the PM’s Department, we also urge them to accord the same level of priority to other such crimes, including the recent spate of violent incidents involving civil society leaders. If the police are able to be vigilant in that incident, they can be vigilant everywhere.

I have spoken to Dr Ong and he has confirmed that he is able to identify at least one of the three assailants. Thus, DAP strongly urges the police to take stern and immediate action to arrest those involved immediately in order to stop the worsening situation and recent spate of violent intimidation used against civil society leaders.

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昨天,一群流氓袭击政治分析学者王建民博士的住家,虽然他们已经闯破大门,但是最终行窃失败。 当时王博士在家,他目睹歹徒干案的整个过程。他们破坏了自动大门,明明已经看到王建民在屋内,还是胆敢企图打开他家的前门,在行窃失败后,其中一个人还用一只手指指向他,好像警告他那样,离开前还拍打了他的后车厢。







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