Projects Carried Out Above 250 Feet Are Either Approved By MPPP Before March 2008 Or for Those After March 2008 Consist Of Special Projects Approved By The Previous State Government On 13.9.1996 Which MPPP Can Not Reject As Long As Technical Requirements Are Met.(en/cn)

The racial bashing by UMNO-controlled newspapers and media lynching by non-UMNO controlled newspapers against Penang PR state government is contrary to the BN’s call for national unity in 1Malaysia, promoting truthful reporting and freedom of the press. The Penang state government expresses concerns that the continued race-baiting by falsely painting a pro-Chinese Penang PR state government marginalising other racial communities will cause irreparable damage to inter-communal harmony.

For instance, even though UMNO’s lies that the Malay population has been reduced by 18,000 in 2010 has proven to be a pack of lies when the number of Malay registered voters have increased by 35,000 as at end 2011 compared to March 2008, racial-bashing the PR state government using these false fact continues to be highlighted. Similarly the media lynching of the present state government by The Star continued yesterday without assigning any blame to the previous state government for approving development projects above 250 feet.

The PR state government can only cancel these development orders granted by the previous state government if huge compensation sums are paid. Stringent compliance of hillslope safety guidelines designed by independent and credible consultants have been imposed. This is the reason why there are 259 stop-work orders issued by MPPP between 2008-2012 against the 38 stop-work orders issued by MPPP for the previous 4 years under BN.

“Invite” to Datuk Wong Chun Wai

I wish to invite Star Group Chief Editor Datuk Wong Chun Wai either go up Penang Hill or do a hill trek to see for himself whether Penang Hills are dying as claimed by the Star. I am sure we can work out a suitable time for both of us to go up the hills and sort this out in a gentleman fashion instead of Star conducting a media lynching against the Penang PR state government with false headlines of “The Dying Hills”.

Looking at the view from Penang Hill and even going for a hill trek would tell us that nothing could be further from the truth. The reason that the hills in Penang are alive and well is due to PR Penang state government’s adherence to stringent hillslope safety guidelines crafted by Oxford-trained geotechnical engineer Prof Dr Gue See Sew and not allowing approvals of any private development projects above 250 feet.

Penang is the only state in the country that adopts the building line at a height of 250 feet. Isn’t it double-standard for the Star not to mention that other states allows development orders above 250 feet or that the Federal government’s definition of hill is more than 500feet(EPU 2002) which is nearly double Penang’s self-imposed building line?

Even though I am not Penang-born, that does not mean that I have no sense of belonging nor respect the history of the state, as implied by Datuk Wong. Isn’t it double-standard for The Star not to mention that there are many current BN leaders who are also not Penang-born?

Even though rising property prices and affordable housing is the jurisdiction of the Federal government, the Penang state government has allocated RM500 million to build affordable housing. Phase 1 and 2 of our affordable housing schemes aims to put 12,000 units in Batu Kawan and 6,000 units in other parts of Penang, including on the island. Isn’t it double-standards of The Star not to point this out and that Penang is doing what many other BN states fail to do.

As a people-centric government that listens to the people, we have listened to the people who values the safety to their families by strictly imposing a building line at 250 feet which is half of the 500 feet set by the Federal government. Projects carried out above 250 feet are either approved by MPPP before March 2008 or for those after March 2008 consist of “special projects” approved by the previous state government on 13.9.1996 which MPPP can not reject as long as technical requirements are met.

This is why the Sunway City Sungai Ara project was approved by MPPP when all technical requirements are met, even though it was above 250 feet, as it was already approved as a special project on 13.9.1996. As I told the affected residents at a dialogue yesterday, this project has already been referred to the Special Planning Committee chaired by me. The present state government has also given a commitment that so long as there is no change in government, the project will not be allowed to proceed.

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例如,就算巫统的谎话(指马来人的人口在2010年减少了1万8000人)已经被拆穿,因为马来选民在2011年比2008年3月增加了3万5000 人,但是,他们依然继续玩弄假新闻、对民联政府穷追猛打。同样地,《星报》对当今政府进行媒体私刑,完全没有怪罪批准海拔250尺以上斜坡发展的前朝政府。




从升旗山看去、或走一趟山坡之行就知道什么是真实。槟城的山坡现在还是绿意盎然,正是因为槟州民联政府严格遵守由牛津大学地质工程师Dr Gue See Sew教授所草拟的斜坡安全发展指南,我们未曾批准任何一项高于海拔250尺的发展计划。





由于新港双溪威城属于1996 年9月13日所批准的特别工程,因此虽然它在海拔250尺以上,但是只要它符合技术规格,槟岛市政局依然批准这项工程。我也在昨天的对话会中,告知受影响的居民,这项计划已经被带上以他为首的槟州规划委员会。我们也承诺,只要民联仍然执政,我们绝不批准上述计划。


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