Penang Green Council Logo Design Competition(en/cn)

Press release by the Chief Minister of Penang and Chairman of Penang Green Council Lim Guan Eng on 23 October 2011, in Georgetown:

Penang Green Council Logo Design Competition

Penang aspires to transform Penang into an international city that is a location of choice for investors, a destination of choice for tourists and a habitat of choice for those who desire sustainable living. We need to enable, empower and enrich all stakeholders to practice sustainable development that allows resources to be utilized in a manner that will be still be available tomorrow.

In order to make Penang a green state that is clean and safe, we have established PGC Strategies Sdn. Bhd (Penang Green Council) 3 operational objectives:
(1) To carry out activities, programs to realize the State Government objective of making Penang a “green” State by preserving and conserving the environment; to improve the quality of life with the assistance and co-operation of all stakeholders, related governmental or non-governmental organizations and the private sector corporations.
(2) To be a platform or forum to identify, discuss and undertake projects, surveys, investigations on sustainable development in Penang as well as to carry out and enforce the policies and aspirations of the State Government.
(3) To promote green industries and sustainable development that utilizes resources today in a manner that can still be utilized tomorrow.

PGC (Penang Green Council) is organizing a logo design competition. This competition is open to all Malaysia residents.

A total of RM5, 000 has been set aside for this competition. The winning entry will win a prize money of RM 3000 and 2 special prizes of RM 1000 each will be given to other selected winners. The winning design must not only encapsulate the above 3 operational objectives but also project the vision of the PGC as follows:

Penang as a green state that is clean, safe and harness green technology.
To enable, empower and enrich all stakeholders to practice sustainable development that protects the environment and quality of life.

Interested parties can submit their entries to [email protected] as well as hand drawn submissions to: PGC Strategies Sdn Bhd c/o Pejabat Ketua Menteri TKT 28, KOMTAR, 10503, Pulau Pinang. The deadline for submission is 21 November 2011(Monday, 15:00). More details such as rules and regulations can be obtained from .

The winner of this competition is to be decided by the Board of Directors. The winning entry will be chosen based on creativity and relevancy to the objectives of the Penang Green Council.

——— Mandarin Translation———-




为了让槟城成为一个清洁及安全的绿州,我们成立了PGC Strategies Sdn. Bhd (槟州环保促进会),其三项运作目标如下:

(2) 针对槟城的可持续发展,做为一个确认、讨论并开展考察及调查的平台或论坛,以及开展及执行州政府的政策及志向。

(3) 促进那些能让今日所用的资源仍为明日所用的绿色工业及可持续发展。





有兴趣参与这项比赛的人士可以将作品电邮致[email protected] 或交至PGC Strategies Sdn Bhd c/o Pejabat Ketua Menteri TKT 28, KOMTAR, 10503, Pulau Pinang. 截止日期为2011年11月21日(星期一,下午3时),欲知详情,可查阅网站 .



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