Easter Message 2011

In this holy Easter celebration to mark the crucification of Jesus Christ and the Lord Jesus resurrection, is also an occasion to to renew Christians’ vows of faith in truth, hope and love.

Christians regardless of skin colour have prayed for peace and prosperity. Christians have also prayed for wisdom and compassion in our leaders. Most important of all Christians pray for truth to guide Malaysians in our daily affairs.

All religions celebrate these common values of truth, unity in diversity, freedom of choice and peace. We must seek truth from facts and not allow sentiments to be ruled by blind emotion.

To all Christians, I wish you a very happy and blessed Easter.

If we are to be one united nation, we must learn to share, we must believe in equality and equal opportunity. We must believe in justice.

Stop the characterization of the Holy Scriptures by the Home Ministry as threats to national security and public order. Stop restrictions on the right of Christians to use any language to worship. Stop the stamping of Malay bibles which is an act of dishonouring the Holy bible.

We need to change. Change for the better. To change is difficult but not to change is fatal. We need a change of mindset of treating every Malaysian as facing common problems and aspirations. We must celebrate our differences and our diversity.

We should move away from the mindtrap of fear based on hate, racism, extremism. We should not be taught to fear diversity. We should not be brainwashed with Hitlerian ideas that one is superior to another merely because of the colour of our skin.

We must have the courage to change.

Malaysians are ready to embrace change; change for the better. Malaysians no longer want to live under a situation where freedom is curtailed, human rights infringed, and abuse of power, corruption and mismanagement are rampant.

In the recent Sarawak state election, Sarawakians have decided that enough is enough. Sarawakians want good governance, end to corrupton, empowered by democracy, equal opportunity and justice for all.

Just as Easter signifies a renewal of life, Faith, hope and love can drive home a victory against ignorance, fear and oppression.

Let us fill our hearts with faith, hope and love by discarding those with racial prejudices and hatred or who preach the language of violence and division. Then only can we realise the ideals and aspirations in the Malaysian Constitution of forging one nation.

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