PR to Counter PM’s Declaration for BN to Recapture Penang in the Next General Elections

Pakatan Rakyat(PR) Will Hold A Series Of Statewide Meetings To Improve Performance By Redoubling Efforts To Better Serve The People And Good Governance To Counter Prime Minister’s Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Declaration For BN To Recapture Penang In The Next General Elections.

PR Penang will hold a series of state-wide meetings to improve performance by redoubling our efforts to better serve the people and good governance to counter Prime Minister’s Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s declaration for BN to recapture Penang in the next general elections. Whether there are signs of the winds of change in Penang that would enable BN to win back Penang, is not important.

What is important is that in their naked pursuit for power BN is willing to cover up their deep differences over:-
• who would be the Chief Minister should BN recapture Penang; or
• how to reconcile the contradiction of a racist and extremist Penang UMNO that calls non-Malay “pendatangs” with no right to claim for equal treatment and the non-UMNO parties in BN opposing PR’s increase in allocation funding for Islamic affairs; or
• UMNO’s attack against PR’s annual RM100 Senior Appreciation Program as sinful because it is sourced from gambling money whilst Gerakan considers it as from of corruption or
• Penang BN’s failure to address corruption scandals under their previous administration.

Penang PR will direct all its leaders, especially its elected representatives, to show how they have served their voters in their constituencies to make a difference. At the same time, the PR state government will go to the ground to explain to the people the changes brought by the PR state government since 2008.

Penang PR will neither be complacent nor in denial mode in dealing with the latest challenge from Najib. Instead of seeing this as mere rhetoric from the Prime Minister we will consider this as a competitive challenge to do better. As I have said one of the big differences between PR and BN is PR’s capacity for change, humility and willingness to admit our mistakes, which is motivated by our desire to improve.

Whilst facing up to the latest challenge thrown up by Najib, the Penang state government regrets that the Prime Minister has been misinformed by Penang BN that Penangites especially stall holders were facing pressure and had difficulty earning a living, unlike during the time of the Barisan administration of the state.

This is wrong and untrue. The Penang state government treats and enforces the laws equally. Penang’s economy is booming from the historic record RM 12.2 billion investments which topped the investment charts in Malaysia creating zero unemployment and a worker shortage. Penang PR state government is for all regardless of race, religion and political background.

In providing facilities PR state government does not discriminate even against BN supporters. The free wifi initiative is even provided for BN areas. Further, the first two female YDP of Penang Municipal Countil(MPPP) and Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) were appointed by this PR state government.

Further, the Penang state government is in no financial position to compete with the Federal government in terms of funding allocation. If Najib wants to fully bear the cost of repainting the Rifle Range flats and all government build flats in Penang, the Penang state government is willing to give way and let the Federal government take all the credit.

Najib had said that I had only visited the Rifle Range flats and announced that the state government would subsidise 80% of repainting costs because I knew he was coming there. Again Najib was misinformed by his Penang BN advisors. That was not the first time I visited Rifle Range flats. And the state government subsidising 80% of repainting cost was not announced first at Rifle Range flats or even at Kampung Melayu but nearly 2 weeks ago at Mahsuri flats in Bayan Baru, which the Prime Minister did not even visit.

For this reason, if Najib and the Federal government wish to fully sponsor the cost of repainting the flats 100%, the state government is willing to give way. The Penang PR state government will not compete with the Federal government in improving the lives of the people as long as there is a public benefit.

Putting public interest first ahead of political interest has always been the governing creed of the Penang PR state government. That is the principal reason why the Penang state government shelved our completed Penang Blueprint for Industrial Masterplan 2011-2015 in favour of the proposed Greater Penang Masterplan by the Federal government. As long as collaboration between the Federal and state government can continue for not only the interest of the state but also national interests, Penang state government is willing to offer our full co-operation and commitment.

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