Request For Porposal for KOMTAR Upgrading and Revitalization

This Press Conference is aimed to inform that KOMTAR Building is presently undergoing a revitalization process initiated by the Penang State Government and Penang Development Corporation (PDC) and hereby inviting prospectives companies to submit a Request For Proposal.

1. Introduction

The KOMTAR building is presently undergoing a revitalisation process initiated by the Penang State Government and PenangDevelopment Corporation (PDC) which is aimed at bringing back the glory ofKOMTAR as a socio-civic and business hub of the people.

In line with this, the State Government and PDC have identified a number of premises at KOMTAR which can be revitalised and to generate more activities and visitors . This will eventually complement the State’s aspiration to promote KOMTAR as a centre of tourist attraction, both on the international and domestic fronts.

The premises at KOMTAR that have been identified for upgrading and revitalization include :-

(i) KOMTAR 59, 60 , 64and 65th Floors (approximately total floor space of 52,000 sq. ft.)

Presently certain sections at the 64th floor are rented by telecommunication companies to install their equipments while the deck at the 65th floor was originally planned as a landing spot for airlift evacuation.

As the scenery from these levels is spectacular giving a panoramic view of the city, inclusive of Georgetown’s world heritage precinct, it is the aspiration of the Penang State Government and PDCto fully utilise these strategic areas by creating new activities that can attract more people there.

On the same token, at the59 and 60th floors, plans are in the pipeline to turn the premises into an international class restaurant that can serve as a major tourist attraction. To complement its potential, the 64 and 65th floors can be incorporated as part of a plan for a restaurant cum viewing deck.

It is the view of the government that these uppermost floors of KOMTAR have immense potential to become a major tourist attraction as they offer a unique bird’s eye view of the city of Georgetown as well as the mainland.

As an added draw, PDC isnow studying a proposal for a sky-lift connecting the 5th floor up to the 65th floor of KOMTAR.This will definitely improve the mobility of tourists, both locals andoverseas, to visit the top of KOMTAR in a spectacular ride, comparable with the best in the region.

It is a known fact that many cities create attractions using their high rise buildings inclusive of theBurj Khalifa, Dubai UAE, Taipei101 and Shanghai World Financial Centre. These high rise attractions and experience are always a must especially for first time visitors and many have proven to be success stories in their own rights; and KOMTAR is no exception.

(ii) Food Court, Geodesic Dome and Open space at the rooftop,5th floor

(approximately total floor spaceof 205,674 sq. ft.)

As part of KOMTAR’srejuvenation process, the open area, food court and the Geodesic Dome would bespurred with new activities to fully utilise and to liven up the areas, thus serving as a focal point for the convergence of visitors. This area at the 5th floor rooftop of KOMTAR has a huge potential to be an income source for prospective operators of food, leisure and entertainment outlets.

The construction of the proposed skylift will further provide a direct link from the rooftop at the 5thfloor, right up to 65th floor, without interfering with the operations of the existing lifts inside the Tower Block.

2. Request For Proposal – Objectives

With the view to inspire a creative exercise to rejuvenate KOMTAR back toits status as a vibrant hub for commerce, leisure and centre of attraction, PDC hereby invites prospective companies to submit a Request ForProposal as follows :-

(1) To propose acreative development concept for 59, 60, 64 and 65th floors ofKomtar

(2) To propose suitable concepts of usage of the open area, food court and Geodesic Dome atthe 5th floor

(3) To propose the leaseperiod and the amount of lease for the said premises

(4) To manage and operate the premises

(5) To design,construct, manage and operate sky lifts connecting Rooftop, 5thfloor with 59 & 60th floors and from thereof up to 64 & 65th floors.

3. Criteria of Evaluation

All proposals would be evaluated on the four main criteria;

– Creativity and financial viability of the proposal which should be of international standards

– The proposed lease period and amount for the areas of 59 & 60th floors, 64 & 65th floors; open space,food court and Geodesic Dome at 5th floor rooftop

– The amount of investment to be made over the proposed lease period for each of the mentioned areas

– The expertise and track record in undertaking and managing similar projects or facilities according tointernational standards and practices

4. Timelines And Submission

(i) Collection of document : August 15, 2010

Submission of Request For Proposal : November 15, 2010

(ii)The document of this proposal can be obtained at a price of RM200.00 at the following address :-

Property Division

Level 4, PDC

1 Pesiaran Mahsuri

Bandar Bayan Baru

11909 , Penang

5. Enquiries

Any enquiries are to be fowarded in writing to the following e-mail address : [email protected];

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