DAP Urges A Rethink On Building A Nuclear Power Plant

DAP Urges A Rethink On Building A Nuclear Power Plant Not Only For Safety And Environmental Concerns But Also Doubts Over Its Economic Necessity When Malaysia Enjoys A High Energy Reserve Margin Of 40%.

DAP urges a rethink on the government’s decision to build a nuclear power plant not only for safety and environmental concerns but also doubts over its economic necessity when Malaysia enjoys a high energy reserve margin of 40%. Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui announced that the first nuclear power plant has been approved by the Economic Council to begin operations in 2021.

Peter Chin said a nuclear plant was needed to meet the country’s increasing demand for energy due to industrialisation and to ensure energy security. Chin said the country must have 20% power reserves. However Malaysia’s current reserve margin is double that at 40%, with the current power usage at 14,000 megawatt with a capacity of 23,000 megawatt.

Further the proposed RM 15 billion Bakun Dam producing 2400MW and RM 5 billion Murun Dam producing 900MW, both in Sarawak, will more than meet any increased demand. Clearly Malaysia has more energy than it needs. Without any economic grounds or energy security justification, why then does Malaysia need a nuclear power plant.

Malaysians are waiting to be convinced of the economic rationale of a nuclear power plant. Further Malaysians wonder what assurances can be given in relation to safety and environment following the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant accident in Ukraine that claimed 56 lives and resulted in 4,000 cancer deaths.

Unless these environmental and safety concerns are addressed, there is also no economic logic and necessity for building a nuclear power plant in 2021 in a yet to be identified location in Malaysia.

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