Thaipusam Message 2010

DAP wishes all Hindus a Happy Thaipusam, a celebration of the triumph over evil and overcoming the evil teachings of greed, hatred and arrogance. DAP hopes that Malaysian can also defeat greed by successfully fighting corruption, reduce arrogance with a people-centric government that listens to the people and replace hatred with love compassion and mutual respect.

Never is the necessity for Malaysians to show solidarity for love, peace and compassion greater now when places of religious worship are being attacked by irresponsible elements out to sow hatred, disunity and violence. Churches, a Sikh temple and mosques have been burnt and desecrated.

DAP praises the solidarity of the youth wings of Barisan Nasional component parties and Pakatan Rakyat who have joined forces to condemn the recent attacks on places of worship. DAP urges BN to emulate BN Youth by joining hands with Pakatan Rakyat with a joint statement to condemn these attacks and demonstrate that all Malaysians are one in standing for peace, mutual respect and social harmony.

DAP leaders are very heartened by the positive response from the two mosques in the Klang Valley towards the desecration of having wild boar’s head wrapped in plastic bags thrown into mosques’ compound. The two mosques insisted that they will work towards racial and religious harmony, and will not permit the perpetrators to succeed in sowing discord, hatred and violence towards any innocent party.

This is the essence of a moderate approach shared by many Malaysians which DAP has defined as Middle Malaysia. Middle Malaysia prefers co-operation not conflict, consultation instead of confrontation and an inclusive shared society rather than an exclusive separate society. A shared society is one that celebrates diversity and assures everyone a place in society by guaranteeing:-

1. · democratic participation,

2. · respect for diversity and human dignity,

3. · offering equal opportunity; and

4. · protection from discrimination.

DAP expresses concern that panellists to a recent forum organised by Jakim for 800 civil servants had blamed Christians for provoking Muslims and had threatened another May 13 incident. DAP hopes that both BN and PR can stand together despite of our political difference for PEACE, Islam as the nation’s religion, religious freedom and mutual respect with a joint statement condemning these cowardly attacks and uphold our respective rights and beliefs without resorting to threats of violence.

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