Celebrating Unity In Diversity In Penang And Establishing The First People’s Government In Malaysia.

Penang state government wishes the 1.5 million people of Penang A Happy 52nd Merdeka by celebrating unity in diversity and establishing the first people’s government in Malaysia. In celebrating unity in diversity we seek mutual respect not tolerance, friendship not hate, love not war.

We wish to inspire a whole new generation to identify ourselves not by race or religion but be bonded together by common principles of democracy and shared dreams of political equality, economic prosperity and opportunity, social inclusiveness and justice.

The epochal March 8 general elections reflects a strong yearning for change where we are lifted by our dreams and united as one people by our principles. The results from 3 by-elections in the past 18 months fully endorse our efforts to establish the first people’s government in Malaysia.

Penang seeks to create wealth and distribute them equitably by continuing efforts in poverty eradication, enhance the living standards, develop world-class infrastructure and provide economic growth. But we are in a middle-income trap. Penang must compete globally for capital, talent, knowledge and resources to move to a high-income economy. To succeed we must focus on innovation, creativity and high value, shifting our reliance based on low-cost labour to high technology and modern services sector.

A people-oriented government with the following outlines can succeed in transforming Penang into a high income economy.

Our Vision Of An International City

To transform Penang into an international city that is a

– Location of choice for investors

– Destination of choice for tourists

– Habitat of choice for sustainable living

Our Mission Of A People’s Government To Enable, Empower And Enrich The People

A democratic, knowledge seeking and prosperous society that

– Enables the people with skills, knowledge and education to provide equal opportunity for all to create wealth

– Empowers the people with fundamental rights, basic freedoms and responsibilities with full observance for the rule of law

– Enrich the people by sharing wealth and economic benefits to pursue socio-economic justice

Clean Administrative Strategy – CAT Governance

Good governance based on competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) that upholds 5 core principles of justice, freedom, truth, social welfare and piety in God.

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  1. This sounds great. You know, current salary in Penang is too low even a graduate also hardly to afford a comfortable living. Frankly, graduate in Penang with RM 2.8 k is very hard to save money in the end of month. Car, insurance, PTPTN, meal, petrol, etc need to be billed. Besides, government also need to control the inflation. For instant, Singaporean, althrough they have higher income but their living is no quality because living cost also very high plus a lot of taxes. Thus, they always chase of money money and money. They’re stressful all the way and have no leisure time for themself and family. So kiasu culture is created. I hope Penang won’t become like this in one day because Penangite is always known for their friendly and warmness.

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