DAP Postpones National Leadership Retreat For KT By-election

DAP has decided to postpone the annual national leadership political retreat in Selangor slated on 10-11 January 2009 to allow DAP leaders to campaign and assist the PR candidate in the KT by-election. This annual national leadership political retreat is an exclusive conclave for MPs, ADUNs, CEC members and key state leaders to

1. Review past performance, identify mistakes and steps taken to correct them;

2. brain-storm and map out the party’s growth strategies for the new year; and

3. exchange views and interact with distinguished speakers selected from various fields on how to improve the performance of the party.

This important annual political retreat had to be postponed in view of the importance of the KT by-election which is voting on 17 January 2009. This underlines importance DAP places on the KT by-election to allow voters, especially the Malay voters, to determine the direction of the national agenda of having CAT governance based on competency, accountability and transparency to fight corruption. And that Malaysians must empower themselves to demand a government that is people-centric, democratic and ethical based on the principles of freedom, justice, truth, social welfare, and adherence to moral precepts.

Together with other leaders, I will be campaigning in KT on Sunday 11 January 2009. DAP will also offer campaign assistance to ensure a victory for the PR candidate represented by PAS.

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