2012 Penang Chap Goh Meh Message:Penang Shall Trust The Future In The Young (en/cn)

Penang Shall Trust The Future In The Young Not Only By Practicing Integrity In Leadership And Good Governance But Also By Fulfilling The Promise Of Providing Digital Intelligence, Building A Culture Of Innovation And Good Education.

As the Chinese New Year celebration ends with Chap Goh Meh, Penang awaits another year of challenges towards greater prosperity as well as a cleaner, greener and safer Penang.

Penang shall trust the future in the young not only by practicing integrity in leadership and good governance but also by fulfilling the promise of providing digital intelligence, building a culture of innovation and good education. Whilst integrity and good governance has been the success story behind Penang as the best governed state in Malaysia, these two elements alone are not enough to secure the future for Penang.

The promise of digital intelligence must be fulfilled to connect to cyberspace. Connectivity has become as essential as roads and electricity. Once connected to the Internet, this is one of the last things anyone would be willing to give up if they had to reduce their expenses. Being connected is not only crucial for keeping up with friends’ activities socially, it increasingly means access to income.

For this reason, Penang has undertaken an ambitious first ever free wifi project in Malaysia with 1,550 free wifi hotspots throughout Penang. So far 1,300 free wifi hotspots have been installed and will be completed by next year.

The promise of building a culture of innovation must be fulfilled with the establishment of a Penang Science Council(PSC). The PSC aims to establish Penang as a center of excellence for science and technology by rekindling interest amongst the young to choose science as their career choice. PSC is unique in that despite being supported by the government and with participation by the academia, it is driven purely by industry. Amongst some of the projects:-
• the annual Penang International Science Fair, the first one in Malaysia that is held in a sports stadium;
• the proposed Penang Tech Center showcasing the latest technology available in Penang; and
• the open tender for the Penang International Research And Innovation Incubator, the first privately-funded science research center in Malaysia at Fishermen Wharf in Bayan Baru.

Penang must fulfil the promise of providing a good education through the annual allocation for schools, encouragement of more private schools of excellence in Penang and the proposed Education Hub in Balik Pulau. The Penang PR state government believes that education can bring the young together where they can be united by common goals of rewarding performance, open ideas and principled ideals regardless of race, religion or gender.

Penang shall trust the future to the young, they have longer to live in it.

Lim Guan Eng

—- Mandarin Translation —-





槟州需要数码智慧 ,与网络世界接轨。道路、电供的联系也是最基本的。一旦有了网络,任谁都不会放弃,就算省吃俭用也要上网。这不只是为了保持与朋友的社交关系,也意味着增加收入来源。


在打造革新文化方面,我们成立了槟州科学理事会。槟州科学理事会的宗旨是让槟州成为卓越的科学及工艺中心,让科学事业成为年轻一代的事业选项。槟州科学理事会的独特的,它有州政府的支持、学术人员的参与、 工业界的领导,其它的项目还有:
• 一年一度槟州国际科学博览会,全马首次在体育馆举行。
• 兴建槟州科学中心,展示槟州最新的科技工艺;
• 公开招标,兴建槟州国际研究及革新培育中心,这是全马第一个私人融资的科学研究中心,位于峇央峇鲁的渔人码头。




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